I don’t know exactly why, but I toss-and-turn a lot at night.  A good night’s sleep?  It’s been a long time since that’s been true for me.  My mother was the same way,  but she didn’t help herself.  She would listen to her favorite radio talk programs ’til the wee hours of the night.    My father…he could sleep through the loudest thunder-and-lightning storms!

Not to fret– God pays attention even to our tossing-and-turning on a restless night.  Psalm 56–‘You have kept count of my tossings,  put my tears in your bottle.  Are they not in your book?…In God…I shall not be afraid.  What can man do to me?'(Psalm 56: 8,10 ESV).

Our tears in a bottle.  Every sob and teardrop important to the Lord.  In Bible times, precious liquids (like wine,  water and milk), would be kept in leather bags to prevent evaporation, and also to make pouring from its small opening easy and efficient.  The image is clear.  Every tear we shed is kept close to God’s heart as if gathered and guarded in a leather pouch for scarce and precious liquid.

Then the psalmist refers to God keeping a book with everything about us in it.  Nothing is left out or overlooked.   The earliest human writing comes from the Sumerians over 5000 years ago.  Their content had to do with financial transactions, political and religious issues.  But God’s book contains things much more personal.   David’s tossings, his wanderings, tears and troubles are all there in His care.

Not just David’s– yours and mine as well.  David trusts God, gets close to Him, using His personal name of  ‘Yahweh’.  David affirms his faith in God’s Word.  Reminding himself who and what he can trust in.  The LORD…God’s every Word.

Notice that David never refers to having faith in a specific answer to his prayers.  He doesn’t trust God only when He performs certain things for him.  No, he trusts God regardless of the outcome.  I’ve known some people who lost their faith in the Lord when what they prayed for didn’t come to pass in the time they expected or the way they wanted.  Like demanding, spoiled children.

That’s not trusting in the Lord.  That’s putting Him to the test.  Faith sees way beyond.  Don’t trust the outcome, trust the Lord.  He knows best.  Father knows best!   Jesus is praying for us( Romans 8:34).  The Holy Spirit also( Romans 8:26).

What a team we have on our side!  ‘This I know, that God is for me'(Psalm 56: 9).  Do you know that?  On a good day, I do.  But on those tough ones, well…

Let’s pray for each other.  To be strong.  To stand up when others stumble.  To be all that God wants us to be.  Pray for each other, joining with Jesus and the Holy Spirit.  Now, that’s what I call a team!

Prayer:  We do pray for each other… to be strong in you.  In Jesus, our Savior.  Amen.

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