SHARING THE FAITH…. Judges 2: 1-10

How quickly the next generation turned their backs on the Lord.   Judges 2: 10–‘And there arose another generation after them who did not know the Lord or the work that he had done for Israel’.  One generation away and God was pushed out of their lives. Believing parents?  I suppose.   For some reason, they didn’t share their faith.  How could that be?

In my own life, complacency has robbed me of the urgency to share the Lord.  I came to know Jesus listening to Billy Graham on the radio.  I was turning the dial and something caught my ear. Heard the Gospel for the very first time.  I responded by asking Jesus into my life.

I had been a church-goer, sort of.  Once in a blue moon.  Not really a high priority for my family except for some distant cousins.  Were good people…just not interested in the things of the Lord!  The morning after accepting the Lord, I started reading a ‘mint condition’ Bible I was given in 3rd grade.  Getting into the things of God and they into me.

Wait a minute.  The Bible I had was mailed to me from the church where I had been baptized as an infant.  Someone, I forget the name now, had given money for a perpetual fund that would give every baby baptized in that church their own Bible when they reached the age of eight.  Whoever that was wanted the next generation to know the Lord and His Word.

Give you an idea about passing on the faith?  Not exactly in that way?   Find another.  Do something to make sure that your family knows about how you came to find Jesus and all that He’s done in  your life.  I love to give money for evangelism with children…’pass it on’!  Monies for Christian radio.  That’s how Jesus found me.  What ideas do you have?  Think about it.  Keep doing what you’re doing…but more so.

That’s right–do more.  Don’t talk about doing it… do it!  Share your story.  We know the Lord wants us to ‘pass it on’.  Not me alone.  ‘…that you may tell the next generation that this is God,  our God forever and ever.  He will guide us forever’ (Psalm 48: 13-14).  ‘Pass It On’!

Prayer:  Lord, we ask, on bended knee, for the salvation of each one in our families, neighborhoods and country.  In His name.  Amen.

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