CLOUDY DAYS…Exodus 13: 17-22

We had an amazing winter and spring in the Pacific Northwest.  Warmer than usual with a lot less rain.  Now that we have moved 50 miles away from a marine climate, we notice more dryness in the air as well.  Not much fog either.

It was in the spring when we started to get real serious about the move we’ve talked about for years.  We thought we’d want to be somewhere in-between where all our family lived.  Twenty one years in one house.  It’s time to move on!  But what a job.  Deciding what to take.  Packing up what we want,  disposing of what we don’t.

Do we want a townhouse or a condo?  How about a retirement community?  Nothing seemed to fit us.  This was wrong.  That was not right.  We knew that we both had to agree–husband and wife, each with veto power.  But, now was the right time.  We both had retired from our full-time jobs way back in 2002,  and then retired from the part-time church position in our home town.  Better get ‘off the dime’.   We both knew what a big task this would be.  All the work before the move.

Let’s get to the Scripture for today.  Why would I choose verses about God’s leading the Israelites out of Egypt, through the wilderness, and to the outskirts of the promised land under Moses’ leadership?  Why?  Well, it has to do with clouds by day and fire by night.  Throughout the process of moving, we asked for the Lord’s guidance.  To close doors that needed closing, and open ones that we could go through.  We depended upon Him.  Without a faltering step in our faith?  Yeah, right!  Maybe in my dreams!  Kept coming back to Jesus for His help.  HELP!

He always welcomes us with open arms, even with our puny mustard seed faith.  For us, we experienced the cloud of the Lord moving before us, shading us, directing us, giving us the moisture we needed in the deserts we were travelling through.  The cloud covered God’s people from the scorching heat of the sun.  The fire at night gave light and warmth in that rapidly-cooling desert.  Never seeing His face, always clouded over, but when looking up,  sensing His presence throughout.

Cloudy days and fiery nights!  You too may be in a bit of a desert.  Look up.  The clouds are there to remind you of the One who is always above.  Even when we don’t see Him.  Especially on cloudy days.  Ask for His help.  As He promised…’behold, I am with you always,  to the end of the age’ (Matthew 28:20 ESV).  When Jesus makes a promise,  He keeps it.  I’m so glad!

Prayer:  Lord, thank you for being there with us even when we can’t see you except through eyes of faith.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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