Sometimes it’s difficult to make sense of the Book of Job.  He faced such tragedies– losing family, fame and fortune all in the first chapter.  We discover who’s behind these disasters– Satan.  The Hebrew word for ‘Satan’ may not be a name,  but a noun meaning ‘accuser’,  ‘adversary’, ‘destroyer’.   We read that Satan is allowed in the presence of God and His holy angels.  Stirring up trouble wherever he can.

Here in chapter 1 we see that there is more than meets the eye with what’s happening to Job.  It’s not a storm or a band of robbers stealing all of Job’s livestock.  Not bad luck either.  No. The enemy is at work.

As we go through life, we learn that there’s more going on than meets the eye.  But regardless of what happens, we have a choice.  Turn our backs on God?  Or put our trust in Him.  That was Job’s choice.

He discovered, as we will, that there may be no decent answers to the questions we have.  That the simple answers that well-meaning Christians give may be just that, way too simple.  The best answer of all is to love the Lord with all you have… and love your neighbors as yourself.  When all else fails,  that bit of godly advice never will.  It works every time.

Have I followed that every time?  Are you kidding?  Don’t I wish!  But I do want to trust Him… more and more.  I’m sure you do, too.

Has He ever let me down?  Really…think about that.   Do I have all the answers?  All neat and tidy?  Not at all.  But I do have His Word, the Bible.  I take Him at His Word.  And that tells me that I can stop leaning on myself… and start leaning in on Him.

Prayer:  Lord, we have so few answers and so many questions.  We want to trust You more.  In Jesus’  name.  Amen.


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