TIME TO BE AN UNBELIEVER!… Matthew 21: 21-28

An unbeliever?  Shouldn’t I be encouraging belief and trust in the Lord?  Of course.  But I’m quoting Jesus.  Name dropper!–“then if anyone says to you, ‘look, here is the Christ!’  or  ‘there he is!’ do not believe it”(verse 23) and “so, if they say to you, ‘look, he is in the wilderness’, do not go out.  If they say, ‘Look, he is in the inner rooms’, do not believe it”(verse 26). You didn’t believe me!   Charlatans and conartists will try to trick you as if we’re gullible.   In fact, don’t believe them at all.  Be an unbeliever.  Hang tough with what you believe in.   The Bible must be our hitching post.  Without a doubt.  Everyone else pays cash, no out-of-town checks accepted!

I remember with  sadness years ago seeing all those billboard signs advertising a certain date on them,  guaranteeing that a specific day would be the last one,  then Jesus would return.  Guaranteed.  Indisputable.  Baloney!   I couldn’t believe it.  Time to be an unbeliever!  We were staying in Ocean City, New Jersey at the time.  People were giving out fliers on the boardwalk warning of that date.  The sad part for me was that their leader  was a Bible teacher I would listen to on the radio every night when I was a new believer.  He would teach the Bible, answer questions that listeners would call in.  I loved the program.  I learned so much.

But now–what was this?   Guaranteeing the exact day of the 2nd coming,  absolutely for sure?  I know the Bible enough now to shake my head at such arrogance.  Jesus said that only the Father knows when.  That’s enough for me.  No one will know for sure… until it happens.  No one.  I’ll be an unbeliever to all who say that they now know.   Also, to all who think that the Bible is old wives’ tales.  Or those who mocked  the Bible when that day came… and then went by rather uneventfully.  And to all who think the human mind alone can comprehend and solve the complexities of this life.  I don’t believe them either.

I don’t even believe in the power of prayer.  Like it’s some impersonal force or a bunch of positive vibes.  No, I believe in the One who has the power to answer our prayers.  Trust in the Lord.  Believe in Him.  Lean on God’s Word,  the Bible.  You can trust every word of it from Genesis to Revelation.  Believe in Jesus and you won’t fall for any claptrap, even from a retired devotional book writer!  I too must pay cash!

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for the anchor of our soul that your Son Jesus truly is.  Amen.

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