A few years back, we rented a condo in Brooklyn from which to tour the Big Apple.  We love the City!  The condo was amazing for the low price.  I got a bargain and a lot more than I ever bargained for!  Needless to say, we were out-and-about every day touring and enjoying the City, dreading coming back to that dive.  While riding the elevated portion of the subway to Coney Island, we could see lots of Jewish men wearing strange clothing with stranger additions to them.  Tassels on their shawls.  Tassels with a lovely blue colored-stripe through them.  Garments,  tossed in the city air,  as these men walked briskly along.  Seemed like a hassle to us to have to wear such a garment.  But not to them.

It’s found right in the pages of our Bibles…about those tassels.  They’re trying to be faithful to what God said in His Book.  What does it say?  That they are to wear tassels on the four corners of their clothing as a reminder of the commands of the Lord.

Why the hassle with the tassel?  Must we ask?   It’s so easy to forget our Lord.  We have such short memories.  We wander off on our own.  I need to be reminded.  Something to keep Him right in front of my eyes.   You too?  Of course you do.

Whatever you can do to remember God and His Word, do it.  Even if it’s a hassle.   For God is all there really is to hold onto in this life.  Everything else will pass away.  The Bible is a book like no other.   That’s where that blue thread comes in.  To remind us that God is Holy, and wholly to be obeyed.  The blue dye came from the gland of the Murex snail found in muddy, shallow waters of the Mediterranean Sea in Northern Israel.  They say 12,000 snails’ glands produce 1.4 grams of dye.  I had to look it up– 1 ounce equals about 28 grams!  That’s a lot of snails for little dye.  Very rare.  Very pricey. More expensive than gold or silver.

That little thread in the tassels will cost us.  It’s a sacrifice to follow the Lord.  But wear the tassels, be bold and testify to the Holy God we worship and follow.  After all, those 10 commandments are for His glory and our good.  If all His commands were followed all the time, it would be heaven on earth.  On St Patrick’s Day we’re not ashamed to’ wear the green’, Irish or not.  Every day, for Jesus,  wear your figurative tassels with the blue thread of our Holy God.  Share your good news with someone else who needs the Lord. No  matter the cost.

Prayer:  Lord, we worship You alone, our Holy God.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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