TIME FOR THIS, TIME FOR THAT… Ecclesiastes 3: 1-13

Everyone says that when you retire, you wonder how you had time for work.  When I retired as a financial planner,  my wife and I did more travelling.  Fun to do.   We loved serving the small church we were pastoring.  Not being on any career ladder was so liberating.  Giving of ourselves,  not looking over the shoulder.

Ecclesiastes 3 has that marvelous section on timing.  A time for this, a time for that.   It doesn’t say when to set your watch, but alludes to times and seasons in our lives.  Times when we need to get away from commitments to others.  Do what’s in front of us, no planning beyond next Thursday.  Times to get close to Him.  Quiet times.

And there are times when schedules happen to be haywire and in-flux.  No way to control what’s going on.  The time to ‘let go and let God’, whatever that means in the nitty-gritty of our lives.  When we were moving after 21 years in our house, life was in turmoil.  Couldn’t think straight.  Too many boxes and too many decisions.

It’s time to move.  Then time to unpack, get settled finding a new church family while still seeing our current one when we can.  Time for this and time for that.  A season of change.  Maybe you’re facing times of change?  A new season in your life.  Welcome or un…

What Solomon advises is for us to enjoy. Enjoy?  Who has time?  Here’s what I’m trying to do–ignore many of the worries that nag at me. Push them to my emotional open window and then shove them out!

Time to enjoy.   Ignore the fears as best we can.   When they come in the door, push them out… and trust the Lord.  Work hard, yes.  Lots to do that must be done. But block the naysaying… and let the Holy Spirit remind us of God’s never-failing love.  There’s only so much time in each day.  Only so much room in our hearts and minds.  If faith crowds out fear, then there will be very little time and space for worry.  True?

Enjoy!  Fill your hearts and minds with trust in Jesus.  Let the rest go…and have a real good time in the Lord!  Enjoy!

Prayer:  Lord, it’s time to trust You.  To throw myself at Your feet in worship.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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