THE WAW FACTOR! …Exodus 1:1, Leviticus 1:1 and Numbers 1:1

I’ve titled this devotional the Waw Factor.  Now you think I can’t even spell!  Who sez I cant spel?!   Shouldn’t it be the Wow Factor?   Not really.  Let’s have a little biblical Hebrew language lesson.  Okay?  Here we go… anyway!  The letter ‘W’ in Hebrew language is pronounced waw.  Just like our ‘W’ but sometimes with a certain vowel-marking it may be pronounced like our letter ‘U’.  Let’s not get too complicated!  After all, in Seminary at Princeton,  I did not turn the world upside down with super grades in Hebrew language!  Remember, Fischer is spelled with a C… and let that be a hint for you!  Now this may surprise you–for the past 5 years I study Hebrew and Greek every day.  Still have to!

I’ve learned that the letter ‘waw’ is also the word ‘and’ in Hebrew.  Looking at the first 5 books of the Old Testament, we discover that the middle three books all begin with the letter Waw , which of course means ‘and’.  Exodus–‘AND these are the names of the sons of Israel…’  Leviticus–‘AND the Lord called to Moses and spoke to him from the Tent of Meeting…’ Numbers–‘AND the Lord spoke to Moses…’

Genesis tells of God’s marvelous creation, the Fall of mankind, and those stories of the earliest patriarchs of the faith.  But the middle three books all begin with the word ‘and’–as if there’s more and more to tell.  More of the life stories of His people.  Some good, some not so.

I was thinking about this Waw Factor.  It reminds me that we can never comprehend all there is of God.  He’s too big…and wide…and deep.  Waw!  And too amazing!  When you imagine that He’s fed up with you, maybe even done with you,  that’s when you discover that there is more forgiveness ahead.  Ask Him.  Come to Him, kneeling at His feet,  saying  you’re sorry.

His love is always more.  Never runs dry.  Never the bottom of the barrel with not one drop left.  No floor…and no ceiling.   With our Lord, there is always more. ‘AND!’  Need more understanding because of the terrible traumas that have come your way?   You wonder if maybe He’s heard the same-old-things from you one too many times?  No!  He always has more time and compassion for us.  Always more…  Even in heaven,  we’ll be eternally discovering more and more of our wonderful God– Father, Son, and Holy Spirit.   That will be the Waw Factor of Eternity.  When you and I reach that last chapter of our lives on earth,  that’s when the Lord will say “you’re only half-way through letter  ‘A’ in My encyclopedia of eternity”!  We’ve barely gotten to ‘AND’!   Waw… and Wow!

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for all you add to our lives.  Never ending really, and we are so grateful.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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