I used to love preaching from the pulpit at West Side Church in Englewood,  New Jersey.  The pulpit was elevated and I would access it through a small wooden door,  climbing  a spiral staircase, out another small door while turning on the overhead light whose switch was right behind my back.  Disappeared downstairs to appear upstairs with light shining down on me!  Reading the ‘Sermon on the Mount’,  I notice that it was  not how elevated He was on that hillside but what He said that turned everything upside down.

Think about being that ‘light of the world’ for a moment.  You… a light?  That’s what Jesus says (Matthew 5: 13-16).  ‘You are the light of the world’.  Don’t stop there for He also says that we’re to let that light shine before others.

I was thinking–what kind of light am I?  A searchlight?  A Fresnel lighthouse lamp that can be seen for miles and miles at sea?  A small match.   A little light for a short period of time?  Jesus doesn’t specify what lamp is required– just that we shine for Him.  I don’t  know how many will read this devotional.  This may be ‘my little light’.   I used to love to sing that song as a young child–‘this little light of mine, I’m going to let it shine…’  I wonder–will anyone want to read this book?   Come to think of it, you are right now!  So, I’m going to let my light shine.  ‘Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine’!

A friend came back from a Holy Land archeological dig many years ago, and brought me a lamp from Jerusalem .  It had the archeologist’s markings on a tag authenticating it as being from the Roman period over 2000 years ago.  It had a well for oil and a opening where a wick could be lit.  The lamp would offer enough light for a tiny home.  If you’ve never seen one of these Holy Land lamps, you would be as shocked as I was.  It must be quite large, right?  Well, no, it actually fits into the palm of one of my hands.  That’s it!  But that lamp would do more than you could imagine.

So can you.  So can I.   Just shine…for Him…for others.  It will be truly magical and amazing what heights He’ll take us to…all pointing to Heaven!  ‘This little light of mine, I’m GOING to let it shine!  Let it shine, let it shine, let it shine’!


Prayer:  Lord, I want to shine for You.   Take my lamp and light it, so others can see Jesus, the Light of the world.  In His name.  Amen.

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