This chapter in Exodus contains the great story of God delivering His people out of slavery.  Chapter 14:13-15 caught my attention.  Pharoah’s crack troops are barrelling down on the Israelites as they flee Egypt.  They can see the dust kicked up by Egyptian chariots on the horizon,  getting closer and closer with every turn of their wheels.  Dangerous waters before them…the enemy behind.

‘Help!  Rescue us, Lord!’  Moses tells them to ‘fear not, stand firm’.  The Lord will deliver them.  He says that they  ‘have only to be silent.’  Do what?  Keep quiet.  Shut your mouth.  That’s it?  The Lord says, ‘why do you cry to me? …go forward.’  Saddle up and giddy-up for the Lord!  As if the Lord has had enough of His people’s unbelief.  Their griping and crying.  Enough, already!

I remember many years ago, waiting in line at a Dairy Queen ice-cream store to get a nice soft-serve vanilla cone. Yummy!  Was a long line, but not so long that I couldn’t hear the young man waiting on customers in front of me.  Each one he harassed and put-down in the most obnoxious way that I’d ever heard.  It was a summer day,  but my internal temperature was rising dramatically higher and higher. I was fuming!  When it was finally my turn, he was warmed up with nasty comments ready to flood my way.  ‘Next’!   Wrong move.  Bad timing, buddy!   He barely opened his mouth with one nasty comment  when I instantly said to him, ‘why don’t you just shut up!’  And he did.  Enough, already!   Our family calls this the ‘Dairy Queen Blessing’!  Hopefully, this is one blessing you will never receive from me!

Back to the book of Exodus.  It’s time to keep quiet. Time to stop worrying, wringing our hands,  biting our fingernails.   Time to stop griping.  Time to quit bad-mouthing and gossiping about someone else behind their backs.

It’s time to move forward…with the Lord’s promises surrounding us in the strangest places.  Time to be silent…time to let the Lord fight for you.  Is this such a time in your life?  If so,  move on… quietly trusting Him.  Begin by taking one baby step( faith, the size of a tiny mustard seed, can move mountains!).

Pray for wisdom to know if this is the time to be silent.  It isn’t always.  The Lord will show you as you seek His face.  He will.  Wait…and see!  ‘…and you have only to be silent…tell the people to go forward…’

Prayer:  Lord, I need to let go and let You do battle for me.  I need to stop complaining and learn to praise you even when I least feel like it.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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