HE TASTED DEATH FOR US… Hebrews 2: 1-9

Can you imagine?  Jesus tasted death for us.  Ate it completely.   He did for us what we could never do for ourselves.  Hebrews 2:9–‘Jesus,  crowned with glory and honor because of the suffering of death, so that by the grace of God He might taste death for everyone’.  He took and tasted the most bitter food of all, the taste of death itself.  Jesus did that for us.

I can remember being in Sacramento, California.  My wife had learned to be a most accomplished wheat-weaver.  Off we drove to the National Wheat-Weavers Association Convention.  The last day an opportunity was given for the public to come and see their art and buy what was for sale.  Sue sold every last piece of woven wheat that she had made.  Almost all the sales were to fellow wheat-weavers, the ultimate compliment.

To top it off, we won a free dinner at the hotel restaurant.  Two free dinners?  Always tastes best when free!  We sat down in a rather posh venue for a lovely dinner to celebrate a  most stupendous convention.   I insisted that we order the most expensive dish on the menu!  Of course, why not?  Let’s splurge…after all, it’s free!  We ordered something we had never heard of before and certainly had never tasted…lobster with pasta in squid ink sauce.  Yum!  So pricey too!  But why not?  And here they come, served so well and elegantly to us, the winners and diners.

Lobster served on pasta with a black sauce of squid ink.  Sounded weird.  Looked funny.  Smelled strange.  The taste?  The worst that we had ever eaten or tasted in our entire lives.  One bite each was all we could stomach…and back the plates went.  Maybe it was how it was prepared?  We don’t know.  But, to be honest, it took years(and I mean years) to get rid of the memory of the taste of that squid ink pasta.  I can still recollect it though somewhat vaguely now, praise the Lord.  And that was decades ago.

Imagine the taste that Jesus tasted for you and me.  Of death.  What I deserved.   He didn’t.  The taste He ate, so we would never have to.  The taste of eternal separation from God. A horrid taste that would last forever.   He left the splendors of glory, to suffer the pangs of death.  To taste death..so we would not have to.

Thank Him.  Praise Him.  Live for Him.  Serve Him.  That much we can do.  That is the least that we can do for the One who tasted death for us.

Prayer:  Thank you, Jesus, for tasting death for us.  For never letting us be separated from yourself.  Thank you, again.  Amen!

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