I SHALL NOT BE MOVED… Psalm 17: 6-8

Life is always in flux.  Can’t put your foot in the old stream at the same place twice.  Awhile ago,  I changed my e-mail address with all the bother and frustration that entails.  Such a pain!  For me,  change means to plan ahead.  Like ending our land-line telephone.  Changing to a smart-phone, getting rid of our pay-as-you-go track phone!

Plan ahead–but does it really help?  Why am I going through all of this?   Why do I resist change?  Who knows and who cares!  What I do know are those words of comfort found in Psalm 17:6-8.  This is a prayer of King David, who confidently affirms that God both hears and answers our prayers.  Imagine someone actually listening to you,  because they care and are interested?  With both ears.   Not ready to jump in with their own story at your first pause.   Psalm 17: 6-7 says that the Lord inclines His ear to us to show us His wondrous, faithful and steadfast love.  And safety–‘O Savior of those who seek refuge…'(verse 7).

The Lord is my refuge, my shelter in the midst of the storms that rumble through life.  Verse 8 continues with the idea that God never, ever takes His loving eyes off of us–‘keep me as the apple of your eye’.  Meaning that the very center of His caring eye is always on us,  even when it seems that He’s as far away as far can be.  Like He’s not even in the neighborhood.   Think again.  He’s right here–the pupil of His eye never leaving us for one moment.

Psalm 17 says that I can even hide in Him.  I can be out of the spotlight.  Hidden away.  Life will keep changing.  But He won’t.  His love is steadfast– loyal,  devoted and reliable, constant and solid.  Never changing!

Prayer:  Great God, you are immovable, never changing.  In Jesus’ name.   Amen.

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