WHAT GOD OWES ME!… Luke 17: 7-10

What does God owe me?  The answer is obvious…but not to lots of people.  A few years ago, we heard a masterful sermon by one of our favorite preachers.  He spoke about the uses of the word ‘deserve’ in our modern world,  especially in advertising.  We deserve this… we deserve that.  We deserve it all!

And we do,  but not in the sense that the world means it.   How many times have we caught ourselves thinking that I want something because I deserve it.  I’ve worked hard…I’ve saved for so long…I’m a good person…there’s room on my credit card…I may not be here next year…I deserve it!

Luke 17.   Jesus’ story of the ‘Unworthy Servants’, which goes against the grain of the ‘I deserve it’ mentality.  What does God owe me?  Nothing…absolutely nothing.  Really?  So, why tell this parable?  What’s it all about?

The Bible is clear that when mankind sinned in Adam and Eve, they forfeited what they had.  They had been warned.  Given advanced notice…but went their own way anyway.  They were ushered out of Eden, to the east, often the direction away from the Lord.  They deserved worse.  Death entered the picture,  but would not be the final word in their lives.  The Lord still  wanted the best for them.

So, He sent His Son as an offering for our sin,  that through Him we would receive all the best He has for us who deserve nothing.  The reaction of most people?  Pride…selfishness…one-upmanship?   Those are from the east…away from the Lord.

How about trying some gratitude for a change,  some humility…sharing…forgiving…even loving.  I deserve nothing.  I’ve been given so much from the Lord.  I deserve none of it…but He gives anyway.  He lives to give.  That’s our Lord.  I’m glad to be His servant.  He’s the Master…we serve Him.  I’m glad to be but a piece of clay in the hands of the Potter.  Aren’t you?

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for your gifts of life and love.  All from you to us.  In Jesus’ name. Amen.

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