ON THE WAY… Luke 10: 25-42

Seems like we’re always going somewhere…a week here,  a month there, a few days who-knows-where;  and, if necessary, time at home!  This is all a big exaggeration except for those who really know us well.  When I was reading in Luke 10 about the expert in the Law of Moses asking Jesus about inheriting eternal life, I kept noticing the references to being on the go and on the way.  What struck me was how spontaneous Jesus was with those He came across on His travels.

How about us?  Open to sharing Jesus as the opportunity comes our way?  Not forcing it… but being available to the Lord.  Being spontaneous,  open to the leading of the Holy Spirit, who is like the wind and the breeze?  When we were staying in New York City , we wanted to visit the original Macy’s store in Manhattan,  as it still has the first wooden escalator.  Clakkety-clack!  As we’re walking down the street toward Macy’s,  I notice a well-dressed man probably in his mid-thirties on his cell phone.  I could hear him talking to his wife about how he was in a coffee-shop and had all his money and passport and train ticket in his ‘man bag’ stolen when someone came over to him asking for directions.

Now what does he do?  My ears perked up at this.  He went on to tell her that the police said that maybe it would show up someday,  but highly unlikely… and all his valuables will be gone.  I was very interested in his conversation, until I felt the nudge of the Holy Spirit.   The message to me was loud and clear– ‘help him’.  Why me, Lord?  You know I don’t like being scammed… and especially if it’s my money!  ‘Help him’.   I told my wife what was going on and turned to him saying, ‘do you need some money?’  He almost fainted.  Immediately, he looked suspiciously at me saying, ‘what do you want?’  ‘I want nothing but if you need money,  I have some for you.  I heard you talking to your wife.’

He almost fainted again!   He was so grateful.  I told him I was a pastor and was happy to help.  Gave him the train ticket money to get to his parent’s home in my old state of New Jersey,  and a tract that talked about having the comfort of the Lord.  He said he needed some comfort!  I didn’t plan this.  Just happened ‘on the way’.  How about opening your own eyes to share the Lord with someone in need?

Prayer:  Lord, let me be your light in someone’s darkness.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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