This poor woman has suffered a blood disorder for twelve long years.  That’s a long time…and no end in sight.  I’ve known people with terrible conditions who became consumed with their troubles.  Takes most of the pleasure out of life.  I remember one church member, who in the latter stages of cancer lost total interest in anything having to do with church.  It seemed as if the disease sapped every bit of life out of this person even months before physical death.  Pain can do that.  Focuses everything where you least want it to.  No matter what it is, the troubles seem to take over, lock you in,  pin you down and not let you go.

This poor woman has suffered for too many  years.  On top of that, she has spent hours, days and years of her life with doctors who had no idea how to help.  She wound up spending ‘all her living on physicians’ (v.43), which I assume means her money and all she found good in life.  All consumed.   Until…she hears that Jesus is coming!

Jesus has been asked by the synagogue ruler Jairus to help heal his dying daughter.  The sick woman has heard of Jesus and His healing power.  Maybe He’s the Messiah?  Indications are good that He is who He says He is.  She garners as much strength as she can, and moves into the crowd.  She pushes back, slinks to the side, doing whatever it takes to see Him,  to touch the hem of His garment.  There He is!  She touches Him, not His body but the fringe of his garment.

She thinks if that’s as much as she can get of Him and His attention, that will be enough. She believes in Him.  She has faith in Jesus to help her.   She’s heard about His power to heal.

He does.  She’s healed!   The One who would shed His blood for you and me causes her discharge of blood to stop for the first time in twelve long years.  His touch.  One time.  No more useless physicians now that she’s had the touch of the Great Physician.

What about today?   What’s been bothering and consuming you for years?  You’re sick-and-tired of whatever is making you sick-and-tired.   By all means, push in toward Jesus.  Get close to Him.  Touch the hem of His garment.  A word to Him will help.  Pray and sit at His feet or tug on His sleeve or shout as loud as you can over the din of the crowd–He cares for everything you go through.  Everything.  He means it.

Prayer: Lord, you know all about us.  We come to you once again to help us…to heal us.  In His name.  Amen.

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