ON THAT MUSICAL NOTE!… Ezekiel 26: 7-14

Ezekiel is one of the most amazing books in the entire Bible.  Have you read it?   I highly recommend it,  but it is different.  For me, that’s part of the excitement!

Let’s look at chapter 26.  Judgement is being declared on the land of Tyre, an island city that was one of the main commerce centers of the ancient world. A wealthy nation with no time for God, only for business and money.  Sound familiar?

A military siege is coming, Ezekiel warns.  War looms on the horizon led by the forces of Nebuchadnezzar, king of Babylon.  Look at verse 13.  Part of future judgement will be the removal of songs from the land.    No more music sung or played on instruments.  No more choirs praising the Lord.  No more somber tunes to ease grief and loss.  The Hebrew word for ‘music’ is ‘sheer’, which denotes emotions from the heart through vocal cords and instruments.  But for Tyre, no more singing,  no more music.

What a terrible judgement.  Like a vision of hell.  Where not a note of praise will ever be heard again.  No happy melody that lifts and inspires, soothes and comforts.  A chord that resonates with feelings deep within.  None.

Whistling, humming, singing, playing…all from our hearts to the Lord Himself.  God loves to hear us in song and music!  It would be hell to not sing for Him.  But that is what will be the future for those who want nothing to do with the Lord in their life.  Not His wish, but He does honor theirs.  How bleak and hopeless that would be.

Quite the opposite for those who love the Lord and know His Son Jesus Christ.  Heavenly songs and music like we can’t even imagine!   There’s a wonderful song in a Christmas Cantata, the song entitled “What Can I Give?”   What we can give the Lord at Christmas?   A good question. What can we give Him?   The song answers with the words, “I can sing hallelujah…”

We can sing to the Lord.  That’s what we can give Him.  Our praise and thanks in beautiful song and music this Christmas and for that matter…every day of the year!  What can we give Him?  ‘I can sing…’!

Prayer:  Lord, we love to sing your praises and play music that comes from our hearts to yours.  We give you a song this Christmas and New Year that says we love you and worship you now and forever.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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