DARE TO BE A TIMOTHY!…Philippians 2: 19-24

Now, I know that it’s ‘Dare to be a Daniel’!  I’ve sung the song many times.  But today I dare you to be a Timothy!  I double-dare myself as well.  Have you read what the Apostle Paul said about Timothy?  Paul’s hoping to send this younger associate to the Philippian church so he can bring back encouraging, joyful news about their growing faith in the Lord.  Look what Paul says about this young man:  ‘for I have no one like him…’  No one. Without parallel.  The head of his class.  Such an accolade!

Then the Apostle says that there is no one like Timothy ‘who will be genuinely concerned for your welfare’.  Timothy has a deep concern for God’s people.  His feelings are ‘genuine’.   The real deal.  Nothing phony-baloney about Timothy.  True blue, through and through.  Oh, to be a Timothy!

Timothy loves these Philippian Christians.  Paul then contrasts other church leaders with him, and tells us that ‘they all seek their own interests, not those of Jesus Christ’.  Selfishness ran rampant even in the church.  Instead of being concerned about what the Lord wants, it’s all about them.

We all know people, even believers, who seem like they are the only people in the whole wide world.  They are the only ones with problems, with heartaches, with plans and joys.  It’s me, I, and myself!  A false trinity of narcissism that is all too common in our day and age.  But not Timothy.

Oh, to be like Timothy!  Thinking about others.  Wanting the best for them, and the best for Jesus.  The best all around.  A stand-alone person…the genuine article…wanting your best which is God’s will for you.  Oh, to be a Timothy!     I dare you… as I dare myself!

Prayer:  Lord, our prayers are for your best for others as it is for us as well.  In Jesus’ name.   Amen.

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