I was most perplexed.  Was it a compliment or not?  A good award to receive in my junior year at High School?  I wondered.  Mr. Gordon, our English teacher, was handing out awards, of his own making, to all his students.  Most likely to get into an Ivy League school, most entertaining, most popular, etc.– I think that’s what the awards were called then but it was a few years ago now, like over half a century!

I couldn’t wait to hear what award I was to receive from one of my favorite teachers.  But it sounded like most of the good ones were already taken.  Wonder what was left?  Then it was my turn.  My name was called.  I rushed to the front of the class to receive my coveted award from Mr. Gordon!  Here it was–The Constancy Award!  The what?  Did I hear right?  Not sure what that meant?  Did I need to eat some prunes?  Constancy…

At the time,  I was more embarrassed than appreciative of that award.  Years later, I’m glad I’m more of a dependable type than not.  Less susceptible to sales pitches and fads.    Someone you can count on.  One who doesn’t give up easily; has stability, endurance and perseverance.  Not such a bad award after all.  Not at all.  It’s kind of grown on me!

In Isaiah 40:6–‘All flesh is grass, and all its beauty is like the flower of the field.’  My English Standard Version has a footnote next to the word ‘beauty’ and it’s my word ‘constancy’.  But here the Bible is referring to the fleeting quality of life. As constant as it may seem, yet how quickly it fades away. Even its beauty will not last.

Verse 7 echoes that same thought comparing our lives to the seasonal growth and death found in God’s creation.  But don’t stop with that verse.  There’s good news in the next one.  ‘…but the Word of God will stand forever’!   ‘Will stand’… a promise made by God.  It will stand sure-footed and tall, upright and confident.  The Bible, God’s Word, will stand not just ’til the end of the year or the end of our lives. No, but forever!  That’s a promise.  That will stand when all else has fallen.  The Bible–God’s Constancy Award-winner for all time and eternity!  Good news?  I’d say so!  And I received the award!

Prayer:  Thank you Lord, for being dependable.  For giving us your Word.  In Jesus’ name.    Amen.

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