Soon we’ll celebrate Thanksgiving Day.  As Christians we are grateful to the Lord.  Once a year we set aside a special day for giving thanks.  King David has given us a wonderful psalm that I would recommend you read this coming week.

David is grateful to the Lord with his ‘whole heart’.  Every fiber of his being,  woven with thanks to the Lord.  Nothing half-hearted, but truly grateful.  In particular, David  gives thanks for God’s steadfast love, His faithfulness, His name and His Word.

God’s steadfast love.  His love is steady, never wavering or with ulterior motives.  No ‘He loves me/He loves me not’ gaming with the Lord.  His love is dependable and solid.  No strings attached, no tit-for-tat with Him.

Then the psalm says that our God is faithful.  He’s not going to drop you for a younger, better-looking convert.  He’s faithful and reliable.  He keeps His promises.

There’s more.  He’s told us His name.  So what?  Big deal!  God Almighty has shared His personal name with His human creation, with those who want to follow Him.  Do we not appreciate what a privilege that truly is?  To know and call on the very name of God?  Thank Him for such a gift …of knowing our God, by name.

Then verse 2 says that in addition,  He’s also given us His very Word.  To hear directly from God through the Bible, is a gift too amazing to put into words.  Let’s do it anyway!  ‘Thank you, Lord, for giving us yourself, your name, your love and faithfulness…and your precious, Holy Word’.

All His giving has nothing to do with material possessions.  How rich you are, or how big your house may be.  You might not have two pennies to rub together, yet you can have ALL of the Lord.  You might have difficulties galore yet still have room to thank Him . Lots of room.   Verse 6 says ‘for though the Lord is high, He regards the lowly, but the haughty He knows from afar’.

God is high in heaven.  Yet you can never be so low in life to be outside the reach of His care and love.  The proud, however?   He allows them sadly to go it alone.  Far, far away… as their own direction leads them.

So, we thank the Lord all this week, and on that special day, for all His blessings to each of us who love and follow Him in the name of His Son, Jesus Christ.  Happy Thanksgiving!  Happy indeed!


Prayer:  Lord, we want to thank you for all your blessings to us.   In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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