SHUT THE DOOR!… Psalm 131

I love this psalm.  Simple yet profound.  Do you feel the same way?  King David is its author.  One of the ‘Psalms of Ascent’, sung as pilgrims made their way to Jerusalem.  It speaks of an attitude of contentment that can only come from hoping in the Lord, a hope that lasts forever.

An attitude–not of pride or arrogance, of one who tilts back his head looking down on everyone else. Quite the contrary.  With a head that tilts to the side in understanding and mercy… looking up to others, looking further up to the Lord in heaven.  An attitude… then a contentment.

Like a weaned child, a babe who contentedly trusts the provision and care of one’s mother.  Totally satisfied, completely trusting and grateful… being with mother.  The arrogant person will always be looking for something bigger and better,  always climbing and clutching to find what is always out of their grasp.  Plans become schemes to outdo and outperform, to win…win…win,  at any cost.  The mirror-opposite of the weaned child is the schemer, plotter and finagler.

Contentment is letting God handle the things way out of our control.  To know that being in His hands is far better than any human schemes.  Life is more than spinning a story woven with lies and half-truths. It’s best to be honest and transparent.

Here’s the call to commitment– life is best lived leaning in on the Lord.  We have some choices to make in life. You do.  I do.   Arrogant or humble?  Always clamoring or resting in the Lord?  Knowing when to hurl yourself into something and when to step back and give it to God.  Knowing when to open or shut the door.  Knowing that our trust in Him will produce a hope that is unsinkable, a hope that lasts for…well, it lasts forever!


Prayer:  Lord, help us to know when to dive in and when to step back.  To be humble and content,  satisfied always hoping in You.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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