A friend of mine gave me a letter from C.S. Lewis, the famous author.    My friend had written to him in 1959, complimenting him on one of his books that she had read.  He responded with a handwritten letter, hand-addressed from Cambridge University where he had to add an extra stamp for airmail.  I have it framed, both the letter and the envelope, and it hangs on the wall in my study.  That letter is special to me.  I look at it, often picturing him writing it, taking it to the post office and buying that extra stamp.  He said he was most appreciative of my friend’s  compliments, and acknowledged her hope that they would not make him vain.  His response was this–‘even if they make me vain, it is better to be vain than proud’.  There’s a head-scratcher for you!  What does that mean?

I’ve pondered that for years.  But that’s C.S. Lewis…makes me think and wonder.  What I don’t have to chew on is what the Bible says about trusting in the Lord to direct our lives and care for us.  No doubt about what God means.  Pride comes when we leave the Lord out of our lives , when we resort to prayer as that last resort, not first and foremost.  Pride comes when we get lost in a world of our own making, not knowing who’s really in charge and who will triumph in the end.

We believers know who is King of Kings and Lord of Lords.  Stop your worrying and fretting–I’m looking in the mirror at myself right now!  As Psalm 127 says, ‘Unless the Lord builds the house…’  Fears and worries help not at all.  Let the Lord do the building.  Will we?

Know that the Lord is–the LORD!.  Hold your head up high.  Look over the fog of this world to the clear skies of heaven, where He is and where we’ll be some day.  Won’t that be the very best?  Not proud… but loved and cherished forever!  Amen to that!


Prayer:  Lord, we trust you with today, tomorrow and forever. In Jesus’ wonderful name.  Amen.

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