KNOCKING AT THE DOOR… Revelation 3:14-22

I can hardly remember any one of my relatives who was interested in the things of the Lord. Some yes, but precious few even darkened the door of a church except for a funeral or a wedding.  They seemed uninterested in God.  These were not bad people.  They didn’t commit murder or adultery, that I knew of.  No, these were my Aunt Bertha, my Uncle Herman, Uncle Heinie, Tanta Olkers, Nana Gibson.

Ordinary folk, funny characters all, my family.  But so many seemed to have no interest in God.  After decades of Christian ministry,  I wonder about their lack of curiosity… and my longing for Him.  Why?  What happened?  After all, I’m no great shakes, no one special, no one marked for any sort of greatness.  Not at all.  As you can guess.

Of course, who knows what goes on in the private quarters of one’s heart and soul?  I don’t.  But they seemed to have no interest.  And I always did.  All that I could see around me, from a little boy onward, bore the imprint of His hands and heart.  I could hear Him knocking at the door of my life.  Knocking gently.

Knocking…knocking…knocking…somewhere within.  I sensed that quiet voice speaking my name, wanting to know me and be with me forever.  Me?  Yes…me!  That voice of Jesus…now my friend, my Savior, my Lord having crossed the threshold of my heart.  I don’t know why many of my relatives didn’t seem taken with God.  Maybe they didn’t hear Him knocking at their door or whispering their names?  Why did I?  Have you?  He’s there.  Knocking and whispering to come to Him.  Who could reject such a gentle call?  Not me!



Prayer:  Lord, I hear you and thank you for being in my life through your Son Jesus Christ.  May all in our families hear you and love you as their own Lord and Savior.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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