The other day I decided to read all of Psalm 119 in one sitting.  It’s the longest chapter in the Bible.  The longest Psalm–all 176 verses.   Have you ever done that?  I’ve done it many times.  It is the most amazing psalm of all.  Dig a little deeper and you’ll discover that it is an Hebrew alphabet acrostic. What in the world is that, you might ask?

There are 22 sections of 8 verses each in Psalm 119, with each section beginning with the next letter of the Hebrew alphabet.  The first letter of each of those 8 verses of every section begins with the same letter.  So, the 1st eight verses all begin with the letter ‘Alef’, the next 8 all begin with ‘Bet’… and so on until you get to verses 169-176 where all begin with the last letter of the Hebrew alphabet, ‘Taw’.  A masterpiece of creative writing, at its very best.  All praising the Lord for the gift of His Word.  His Law and commandments, statutes and precepts…all those synonyms for His gift of the Bible, from A to Z, all inspired, all truthful, all encompassing.  From beginning to end, we have a gift from Heaven that is incomparable.

While visiting our son and his family, one of our grandsons blessed us by repeating some verses from the Bible that he had memorized at his kid’s church program.  He was six years old.  And to hear him share God’s Word from his heart was about the biggest joy we could ever experience.  He is hiding God’s Word in his heart.  Hiding it, not hidden away for none to see, but putting it in the deepest part of his life, his heart and mind, so that as he grows up and experiences all the things that happen in life, those words will be there for him.  To help him…to guide him…to bring him back to where he needs to be and where he needs to go.

Did you start that young in life putting God’s Word deep within?   I didn’t.  I was a teen and my memorizing the Bible was hit-and-miss, at best.  But who cares when you start?  The only tragedy would be to never start at all.

No matter what your age…get into God’s Word.  Get it into your mind and heart.  If you do, I know that that’s a regret you’ll never, ever have.  Start today…maybe sit down and read that amazing Psalm 119, all in one sitting!  Not a bad idea, if I must say so myself!



Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for the gift of your Bible.  As I spend more time with you each day, open up its treasures to me to see you in all your glory.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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