WHAT DO THE SIMPLE FOLK DO?… 1 Timothy 6: 17-19

When in Cornwall, England, we toured the castle where King Arthur supposedly was born.  Quite the hike in and out, but well worth it as there were wonderful views of land and sea from those ruins.  In my head I was humming the song sung by King Arthur in Lerner and Lowe’s musical ‘Camelot’– ‘What Do the Simple Folk Do?’.  Simple folk…like you and me.  Not simpletons; hopefully, but common folk.  The bread and butter people of life.  Not royalty or the hoi-poloi.

The simple life…that we all yearn for.  But do we?  Then why do we allow such messes to rear their ugly heads in our lives.  Taking on other’s worries.  Butting our heads in where they don’t belong.  Fretting over the same old stuff.  So, do we really want the simple life?

If so,  the Apostle Paul has such good advice found in 1 Timothy 6: 17-19.    You say that these words are for rich folk–‘as for the rich in this present age’.    Isn’t that us?   We have so much.  We are spoiled.  Just me.  Not you?  You’ll have to decide for yourself.  Rich in this present age, Paul says, is best lived with humility,  knowing the blessings of God are not due to what I deserve or even have earned.

He says to be humble and grateful, knowing that what we brought into this world is what we’ll take out of it!  So, thank the Lord for all His many blessings.  But on the other hand, if we have very little– could it be that the less we have, the more we lean on God and learn of Him?  Could be.

Paul says to enjoy what we have.  We will, if we do so with open hands.  Willing to share, eager to give when truly needed.  What we have from God is a blessing.  Still more blessed to give, as our Lord said!  Doesn’t just feel good, but it also builds a foundation for us in heaven.

To cap it all off,  Paul says that living this way is ‘taking hold of that which is truly life'(1 Timothy 6: 19).  Truly living…the real deal…the simple life.  It is simple.  Not really complicated.  Sound good?  We should try it…!


Prayer:  Dear Lord, you have given us so much.  And we are grateful people.  Thankful for all your blessings.  Help us to share more, enjoy more and really live the life you intended  for us.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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