AND A LITTLE CHILD SHALL LEAD THEM…Revelation 21: 16; 1 Kings 6: 20; and Ezekiel 41:4

Why can’t I get it right?  It boggles my imagination.  When I was pastor of my last church, I made a commitment to share the Gospel to every child who came through the door.  As many as possible.   If they stayed for the fellowship hour after worship, I’d grab my handy-dandy ‘Evangecube’ from the front pew.    I’d ask whoever brought the child if I could share this puzzle-cube with them.  All said ‘yes’.

This cube told the Gospel story in such a fun way.  The children loved it.  Only problem was that I could never figure it out, never get the order straight.  Jesus was upside-down, died before He was born,  was resurrected while guarded by Romans still 3 days in the tomb!   You could see our regular kids laughing away at their goofy pastor could never get the cube to work!  Fear not!  I  had a plan!

I’d yell, ‘help’.  And one of the children would save the day for Pastor John!  Who would tell about Jesus?  They would!   All I’d have to do is ask the question–‘would you like to ask Jesus into your heart today? He loves you so much’. I never tired of the Evangecube.  Still use it now with our grandchildren who also show me how to work it!

Have you read today’s Bible verses?  They make reference to the shape of a cube.  Equal dimensions of width, length,  and height.  1 Kings tells us that Solomon’s Temple would have an inner sanctuary, the Holy of Holies, that was a perfect cube.  God would be present in that Holy Place.  Not just anyone could enter that cubic holy space.  Only once a year, on Yom Kippur, the Day of Atonement, could the High Priest enter, praying for the sins of his people.

Ezekiel 41 looks to the end time, with that Holy of Holies in a restored Temple as a perfect cube.  In Revelation, we hear that the New Jerusalem, the Holy City,  will itself have the  dimensions of a cube (21:15-17).  But no Temple there.   No need for one.  The Lord our God  will be the Temple.  Won’t be hard to figure out that cube!  Not at all.  We’ll be with Him.  He’ll be with us.

Wouldn’t it be wonderful if every child in all our churches could hear and respond to that message?   Could you do something about that?


Prayer:  Lord, thank you for opportunities to tell children about your Son Jesus.  Such is the Kingdom, we are told.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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