AIN’T LIFE GRAND!… Revelation 22:4-5

I can still hear my Nana Gibson saying, ‘Ain’t life grand!’  She’s been gone many years now.   In the Lord, our life certainly is grand!

But just you wait, and that’s not for Henry Higgins either…just you wait!  The Apostle John writes in the book of Revelation that ‘they will see His face, and His name will be on their foreheads’ (22:4).  Go ahead and read that whole last chapter of Revelation, and be utterly amazed at the wonders that await.   We’ll see Jesus, the Father and the Holy Spirit. Face-to-face.  We’ll be with them forever with no more tears, good-byes, failed hearing or eyesight.  None of that anymore.

‘They will see His face…’  Really?  What Moses had hoped and prayed for way back in Exodus 33:12-23?  “Moses said, ‘Please show me your glory.  And God said, ‘I will  make all  my goodness pass before you…I will be gracious…and will show mercy…but you cannot see my face, for man shall not see me and live.'”   The Lord God showed Moses His character of love and mercy, compassion and forgiveness, but…’you shall see my back…my face shall not be seen.’  Not His face, not His being, but He will show His character.

That reminds me of what Jesus said about knowing people by their  fruit(Luke 6:43-45), and His half-brother James saying that ‘faith without works is dead(James 2:17).  Believers and followers, not by the labels on our lapels, but from what comes out of them, from deep within.  The Lord as well.  We know Him by His character and makeup of love, compassion, mercy, joy…

God has always been most generous in showing the whole world the ‘fruit’ of His being.  It’s there for all to see and wonder at.  But His face…now that will be for a special group.  For His children, those who say ‘yes’ to His invitation to know and love Him through the death and resurrection of His only Son Jesus Christ.  Is that you?  Have you asked Him into your life?  If not or you’re not sure, ask Him.  He’d love to love you forever.  I know that.  He even loves me!  And then some day, we’ll see Him…face to face…and that’s something you can’t quite put into words this side of glory…for that’s what it will be.  Glory!


Prayer:  Lord, thank you for better days ahead.  Someday we’ll be with you in glory, face-to-face.  In Jesus’ name.  Amen.

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