LET ME INTRODUCE MYSELF!… I Timothy 1: 12-17

Could the Apostle Paul have been the worst sinner ever?   He said– ‘…Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, of whom I am the foremost.’  The worst one of all?  Really?  Worse than Judas Iscariot?  Stalin and Hitler?  What about Satan?  Of course not.

The Apostle Paul is looking into a spiritual microscope, one focused on every aspect of his life.  Like gazing at a mirror, seeing every blemish, showing us as we truly are.   He’s looking deeply within,  without pretense or excuse,  noting how far he misses the mark of God’s holiness and perfection. The comparison?  Well, there really is none.

As a believer in Jesus, God has sensitized Paul to every part of his life.  We humans, since Adam and Eve, are far away from God.  As far as far can be.  Truly one of the ironies of the Christian life is the closer we get to God, the more we know that, of sinners ‘I am the foremost’.   When we thought we could hide it, He nails us with the truth.

Times when I wasn’t particularly close to the Lord, even though a believer, I glibly headed out the door doing my own thing.  Sin didn’t seem to bother me very much.  Not really.  Maybe a twinge or two.

Now,  the closer I get to Him, the farther away I feel.  Like Paul’s foremost and chief of sinners.  Let me introduce myself.  I’m an old sinner saved by grace.  That’s me.  My salvation has nothing to do with my goodness. Nothing.  Neither does yours.  It’s all of God’s love and mercy,  forgiveness and grace.  All those words that lead directly to Him alone. ALL OF HIM, OF JESUS CHRIST.

I’m an old sinner…saved by God’s grace.  Let me introduce myself…no, let me introduce the One who gave Himself on the cross for you and me!  Have you met Him?  Welcome Jesus into your life…today!

Prayer:  Thank you, Lord, for making us new in Jesus Christ, your Son and our Savior.  In His name.  Amen.

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