That wasn’t a very long letter, was it?  3 John is one of the shortest books and letters of the Bible.  Scholars think that the Apostle John’s 3 letters were carried by a courier to be read in various churches probably in Asia Minor.  1st John being a sermon on the larger theme of love.  2nd John  seemed addressed to a specific church family, that of Gaius; and talked of walking in love and truth and obedience.  3rd John is a personal letter to the church leader Gaius commending the courier, named Demetrius.  All 3 letters may have been carried in a packet by this courier.  3 John verses 5- 8 have captured my attention today.  Take a moment to read them again.  John is encouraging Gaius and his church family to support those who are journeying on a mission to tell others  the truth of Jesus Christ.   Our support…as fellow workers for the truth.  Not just money, but prayers and encouragement and love and whatever they (and we)  can do to further the work and word of the Lord.  I must admit that I get very sceptical of TV ministries that seem to exist just to ask for more money, and that God will super bless you if you give to them.  When I was doing my weekly TV show on our local-access television station, I made it a point of never, ever to ask  anyone to give anything to support the ministry of ‘Person-to-Person’.  And no one ever did!  Not even one thin dime!  And on top of that I paid to be on the air!  Almost $2000 a year for 5 years.  Some TV evangelist I was!  Ah, but I was.  And I needed to do the supporting.  I needed to do the work of arranging guests and singers for the weekly shows.  I needed to give and not just of myself either but of my prayers and gratitude for all the guests and singers, and  for what God was preparing me to do next for Him.  As John writes, ‘For they have gone out for the sake of the name, accepting nothing from…'(3 John: 7-8).  It was good to give.  It is good to give.  Who said it’s better than receiving?  We know… and He was right, of course!  Anything you can do to be a ‘fellow worker for the truth’ today?  Think about it. And then, don’t just think about it…do it!

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