THE OLDER I GET…….Read Psalm 92

My wife and I just got back from 4 days in Cornwall, England.  What a lovely part of this amazing country.  Farmland everywhere, sheep and cattle grazing away, little fishing villages surrounded by slate hillsides, and some of the best fish and chips we’ve had so far!  In one of the villages called Tintagal I noticed a shop selling one of those proverbial tourist t-shirts that said, ‘The Older I Get, the Better I Was!’.  If it wasn’t so true, I’d almost laugh!  Well, I did anyway.  Of course, as we get older, we notice changes in our bodies, our families, our country and the world we live in.  It’s always that way.  It’s always been that way.  As Solomon said thousands of years ago now–there’s  nothing new under the sun.  But I’ve got good news, real good news!  Did you read Psalm 92 yet?  Notice, in particular, those last 2 verses.  Still bearing fruit in old age…full of sap and green.  Our spiritual life can and should be fresh and young and vibrant and growing–no matter what our age or condition.  In the church where I now honorably serve as pastor emeritus we have had so many young older people who love the Lord and love to tell others just that.  I think in particular of Cathy Brown.  Cathy died 2 years ago now in her mid-90’s, but her mind and body had started to leave us and  this world a number of years before.  Even still, Cathy prayed to her Lord like a child to a loving parent or, in her case, her loving Auntie and Uncle.  I loved to hear Cathy pray.  You would have also.  It was so tender, so affectionate, so trusting and loving.  I could picture Jesus holding her hands as she opened her heart to Him.  Life may have been getting more difficult and remote for Cathy, but not her times of prayer and worship of her Lord Jesus Christ.  That was a fruitful relationship even in old age…full of sap and green, declaring that He is her rock and salvation.  There are so many others just like Cathy who stay close to Him, and never really grow old and never  really die at all.  That is my prayer and I am sure yours as well…to stay close to Him, to value our relationship with Jesus above all else, to linger longer in His Word, to cherish and look forward to the future God has in store for all His children, all who have been born again in Jesus Christ.  The Older I Get…in Jesus…the Better I’ll Become!  Amen?

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