Let me recommend that while you read the entire Psalm that you spend a moment and focus on verses 11-12.  The Psalmist talks about guardian angels, who are God’s agents to guard His children in ‘all your ways.  On their hands they will bear you up…’  Our guardian angels…who protect us…no matter where,  when, how or what…holding us in the palm of their hands keeping our heads way above water.  While I’ve never seen or encountered a real angel from the Lord, yet I’ve certainly experienced their protection  over my life.  How about you?   As you look back it seems so clearly felt even though unseen.  It’s not  luck –but the Lord’s care and covering of us.  When we become believers in  the Lord we just know, as if in our bones, that the care we’ve received is not from happenstance or chance or fate.  No, but from the Lord Himself through His angels.  Unseen to and  by the naked eye.  Seen through the eyes of faith.  And these latter eyes will only grow sharper and keener the more we use them no matter our age.  When we arrived in England for our 2 month vacation, we picked up our rental car at the airport facility.  Having just dodged the sales desk, which wanted us to get way more car than we needed just to drive up the final bill, we proceeded to our rental car, squeezed in our luggage,  tried to figure out that the driver has to get in the car on the right hand side instead of on the left,  the gear shift requires using my left hand, and navigating the left-hand side of the road along with countless round-abouts that have their own rules and regulations with kind and patient English people only that way until they get behind the wheel of their cars!  And we had not slept in over a 24 hours.  And we had over 100 miles to drive to get to our 15th century home somewhere out in the English countryside.  And a few  miles from the airport I realized that I had not checked in at some area that would record any damage or dings to our car before we rented it.  So, we needed to go back from who-knows-where we just came!  And we were sunk.  No way, Jose, were we going to find our way at all.  And now we just wanted to go home!  Lord, help us!  Please…we’re lost and need some…well, angels, to bear us up, to guard us in all our ways.  I noticed some garbage men by the side of the road in their truck (lorries here).  I pulled over and lowered my wife’s window because I can’t ask from my side of the car.  Asking them for directions back to the airport led to a litany of go this way, take 3 round-abouts, don’t do this, do that, go here, go there…yikes!  They could tell we were desperate Yankees!   Whereupon the garbage truck driver said to follow them, they would take us back to where we needed to go.  And they did!  Thank the Lord!  They were like angels from the Lord.  We  made it.  We survived.  We’re still surviving…and we sense so clearly through the eyes of faith the presence and help of angels from our Lord Himself working through some very unlikely but kind workmen.    Sometimes, when you get out of your comfort zones, your places of safety, those security blankets that we love to carry around with us to ward off our fears and make us feel safe , it’s there that God will be most evident that He keeps His promises, especially to all His children.  He promises that ‘His angels…(will) guard you in all your ways.  On their hands they will bear you up…’   He promises– that’s a safety and security this life cannot provide.  And maybe, just maybe I can be like an angel to someone else in need!

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