EVERYTHING IS FOOD, FOOD, FOOD!………Read John 6: 22-29

One of our new favorite movies is entitled Popeye starring the late Robin Williams! In it is a catchy little song called ‘Everything is Food, Food, Food’. That song could have been sung by the ‘Apostles’ Choir’ as Jesus discerned what people were really looking for as they searched for Him. The crowd had been tired and hungry. Word had gotten around that Jesus is this miracle-worker. He heals the sick and they wonder what He’ll do next… and maybe what He’ll do for them. But He has compassion on them, and does for them what only God can do–fed them all, probably well over 20,000 people, starting with a mere 5 barley loaves of bread and 2 dried or pickled fish. Everyone had all they could eat, all they wanted; and there were even 12 baskets of left-overs. I would have loved those left-overs! And best of all, no bill was presented at the end of the meal and to you Aussies reading here, no tip was expected or given! Jesus withdraws up a mountain area to spend time by Himself while His disciples sail to the other side of the Sea of Galilee, to Capernaum, hometown for Jesus’ ministry. But the crowd wants more. The crowd searches high and low. They want more…and then some. Of Jesus and His teaching? Of Jesus and His mercy and love? Of Jesus, the Promised Messiah whose message is like that of no one they had ever heard before? And when they find Jesus He says ‘I tell you the truth, you are looking for me, not because you saw miraculous signs but because you ate the loaves and had your fill'(John 6: 26). The crowd wants more of Jesus–not the divine Son of God but the bread- and fish-man who fills their tummies. The One who gives out all those goodies. Over the past 34 years ministering where we live, either as pastor or even while being a financial planner for 20 years, I have performed numerous funerals and weddings. I remember one person who attended, I’d say, every funeral I ever officiated at. Don’t think this person knew most of the deceased or their families, but the newspaper had mentioned that a reception would follow– and there was the draw! ‘Everything is Food, Food,Food’! This person even had plastic liners in overcoat pockets to cart home some goodies for later consumption! Talk about planning ahead! Back to what Jesus said about that crowd that day. Now, let’s bring to us. And I wonder if all those showers of blessings had dried up in a drought, how would I feel about Jesus? Would I stand tall for Him when another religion says to convert or die…what would I do? What would I do if I had to live where being a Christian was a sign of shame and bigotry and hatred…and to be accepted all I had to do was deny Him or just plain leave Him out of my public life? What would I do? What would you do? What will we do as this is coming our way more and more, day by day, we see the shadows of deciding for Jesus alone coming on the horizon. The shadows are lengthening and our Lord is asking what we will do. Will we stand by Him? Will we stand up for Him regardless…? Some things to ponder for today– and there’s more on my heart from this Bible passage, but that’s for next time…

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