SO LITTLE TO ASK OF US……Read Hosea 13:4-6

It’s really so simple. Not complicated or mysterious. Not something puzzling or hidden requiring secret passwords or a locksmith. None of that really. So simple. So upfront. And on top of that, asks so little of us. Have you read those verses in Hosea yet? That Old Testament prophet whose ministry was mainly to the northern Kingdom of Israel right up to the time when Samaria fell to the Assyrians in 722 BC. That prophet with a wayward wife symbolizing God’s wayward people. Hosea means ‘salvation’ in Hebrew, and here in chapter 13 he records the anguished heart of God the Savior. He states unequivocably that He alone is the Lord, Yahweh your God, who liberates them from slavery in Egypt. Since He is God alone, His people are simply to acknowledge Him and no other God. That should be easy since there is no other God but Yahweh, the God of Israel. Get it? No mystery here. No secret, silly codes to decipher. Then He says that He alone saved them, and cared for them in the desert, that steaming hot desert. I remember 2 years ago being in the Valley of the Kings in Egypt where King Tut had his tomb, where the temperature was 120 degrees. You read it correctly! They said it was a dry heat but so is an oven and I’m not getting in there either! Never so hot in all my life–it was oppressive, claustrophobic, clawing at my throat with thirst. The coolest place was down in those ancient tombs! Hosea 13:5 records that there, even there, under those boiling conditions God took care of His people. He goes on to say that He fed them not just a few morsels to shut them up and stop their infernal grumbling and complaining; no, He fed them until they were satisfied, pushing back from their tables just so full and happy without a care in the world. ‘Man, aren’t we lucky!’ But that’s when things took a turn and not a good one. In their satisfaction they started thanking each other, feeling better than others less lucky than them, feeling not just full but puffed up and preening with pride. For all they had accomplished, all the hard work they had done which was now paying off–a proud people but way-down-deep a forgetful one, an unthankful one, a nation of ingrates. They forgot who made it all, who provided it all, who had blessed them through thick-and-thin, who stayed with them when no one else had, who saved them like no one else could. How about you and me? Talk and think more about luck than blessed? Today…thank God all day long. And then let it spill over into tomorrow…and don’t stop there! Never forget Him and all His benefits. ‘Count your many blessings…see what God has done’. He asks so little of us, His children. Nothing difficult in thanking Him and giving credit where credit is due. Do it…begin now! And never stop!

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