EVEN WHEN I AM OLD AND GRAY……..Read Psalm 71 Again!

Just a few weeks ago I achieved a milestone in my life.  I have now lived longer than any of my grandparents!  Hope that means that they all died premature deaths, way before their time, younger than most half their age!  Nevertheless, here I am! Reading Psalm 71:18, where the author says ‘even when I am old and gray’, a dagger went through my ancient  heart muscle!  Now, officially, I could have written this psalm!  How could that be?  How could I be so old?  Maybe my mother was really 40 years old  when she had me instead of 30 making me that much younger?She never did tell the truth about her age.    But wait, that would mean I had polio years after the Salk and Sabine vaccines were introduced, and long after the epidemic had waned. That’s too bad. Don’t think this is going to fly!  Oh well, as Popeye would say, ‘I yam what I yam!’  Look back at verse 18 again and you’ll see a wonderful challenge for each of us regardless of age, but especially if we’re a bit older.  This is the time in life to, as the 1960’s Gospel song says, ‘Pass It On’.  We’re older, been around the block a few times, know all the excuses, made lots of big and little mistakes, failed a bunch, seen the futility in not following Jesus Christ in our daily lives, we know the only truth worth holding onto in this crazed and crazy world is found between the pages of our Bible…so we can speak from experience, hopefully laced with compassion and mercy and understanding.  This is our time to let the younger generation know of the power and might of our Lord.  Pass it on–institutions fail, people fail but Jesus never fails.He is everything everyone needs for all time. They may not know it, but Jesus Christ is the ultimate all-in-all of life.  Pass it on!   We all have children and grandchildren, step children, children we can sponsor through a good Christian group,children to tutor after school,  kids in  our church  Sunday School and VBS, those in our neighborhoods.  We all have one of the above and some of us have all -of -the- above. Pass it on!  Verse 24 says ‘My tongue will tell of your righteous acts all day long…’ In the New Testament,Jesus Himself asks His followers who other people say He is.  And they spout off a litany of good guesses.  Then He looks them in the eye asking them who THEY think He is.  How about you?  ‘Who do you say I am?'(Mark 8:27-29).  Behind His question, I hear Jesus telling me (and you) to tell others who He is.  Don’t be ashamed of Him, and we’re not.  Maybe we’re just shy or easily hurt when others snicker or mock.  Pray for courage.  Find a way.  Okay, be comfortable but remember ‘no pain, no gain’!  So, stretch a little.  Say who He is and who He is to you.  Is there not someone right now that God has put on your heart and mind that you know you should tell about Jesus?  Find a way to tell them…don’t hit them over the head with your Bible even though that  may be quite tempting!  As Oswald Chambers said in his devotional My Utmost for His Highest, “Don’t say ‘I’ll do it’, do it!”  Couldn’t have said it better myself!  Good advice for me too…That’s exactly why I write this blog, submit devotionals to Christian magazines, and someday put together  these thoughts in book form…even now, to pass it on!

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