This is the story of the feeding of the 5 thousand.  And that just accounts for all the men, now add all those women and children.  So, Jesus feeds thousands and thousands of hungry people.  A very familiar, miraculous story for each of us.  But there’s so much more going on underneath those bare bones facts.  Reading the story again today, I just saw so much more in it  that I had to share with you today.  By the way,  as you read and think about this Scripture, you’ll have your own special insights… from the Lord. But here’s mine.   The context of these verses is that Jesus has sent out His disciples to teach and preach and heal with godly authority.  And now they are gathered around Him to tell Him all about their adventures in the various villages around. But with all the people still coming and going, with all their needs and wants and demands, none of the disciples even had time to grab a bite to eat.  Tired, worn out and just plain famished,  Jesus, in His most sensitive and caring way for His own, tells them to ‘come with me by yourselves to a quiet place and get some rest’ (verse 31).   Doesn’t that sound good!  Getting away from the phones, the TV, the projects around the house, the work demands, the money issues, the car needing this and that. Oy Vey!   Jesus bids us come to Him.  Spend time with Him.  Alone with the Lord who loves us and so cherishes any time He has with you …and me.  Come by yourself…with just yourself, with who you are warts and all, baggage and stuff from the past you’re just carting along, bring all of yourself to Jesus.  And be quiet…turn off the radio and the world for a bit.  Take a break from the sickening world we live in and bask in the rest and sonshine of our Savior Jesus Christ!  Be on a beach with Him or by a gentle rolling stream off in the mountains.  All this without leaving your living room!  That’s right.  Right there where you are, wherever you are.  I think many Christians don’t feel like their everyday spiritual life is really that special, like they thought it would be. Ever feel that way?  Maybe that’s you today?  Then hear what Jesus says…come away with Him, come by yourself, come to a quiet place, and come to receive rest and nourishment from the One who can feed a multitude with just a couple of fish and some loaves of bread.  He can do that for the disciples and all those hungry people years and years ago now, and He’ll do it for you and me as well…today!  Read verse 31 again…hear Jesus’ words…heed them and be healed by time alone with Him! Why not just get alone somewhere right now and read these verses and spend time with your Lord!   More next time…

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