I read last month that the 6 favorite books of Americans (to our dear friends in Australia, pardon me!) have 3 of my favorites on the list.  I couldn’t believe it!  I’m batting .500!  Wow!  Gone With the Wind made it.  Read that last year and this year my wife did.  We both loved it, especially spending months in the south this year.    Then Moby Dick, my all-time favorite American novel, which I’ve read 3 times.   You can guess which book was number 1 on the favorite’s list.  It’s always number 1.  Best-seller of all time and the number 1 favorite of all–of course, the Bible.  I cheered when I saw that!  Yes, the Bible, God’s book.  Most purchased, biggest favorite, but most read and followed?  The Bible is to be our tuning fork.  We get out of tune so easily with sin, which the Bible will tell us all about.  We sound weird because we’re not in tune…with our Lord.  We’re off-key, sounding  flat and discordant.  So, it’s time to read that portion of Mark’s Gospel.  Very familiar parable?    About the seed and the soil.  And all the troubles of getting a good crop with those foibles of farming. I just know that you want to be that good soil as I do.  I want my life to mean something for the Lord.  Not for riches or fame or ego or legacy or anything like that (looks I’m getting this part of my wish!!), but to know Jesus and make Him known. Can’t imagine a better meaning in life than just that.   ‘To know Him and make Him known’  became the motto of  the last church we served.  Every program, every idea had to be checked against the tuning fork of knowing Jesus and making Him known to others.  If not, then just plain out-of-tune and out-of-touch with our God.    Jesus says in  Mark 4: 20 that if you want to be that good earth, that rich soil so productive for the Lord, then you must listen to God’s Word.  Not just buy lots of Bible and keep them dusted-off in case the pastor stops by unannounced ; but read the Word, chew on it, digest it, make it  ‘daily bread’  feasting on it at least once a day or maybe like normal meals, 3 times a day.  Whatever,but don’t get legalistic…just listen to your Lord during the day.  Then Jesus says that if you want to be good soil you must accept His Word.  Accept means to receive it, believe it, study it, treat it like the gift it truly is.  Make it a part of yourself.  Food for your inner life… and your outer life as well.  The breath without which you would just plain fade away.  And then after listening and accepting God’s Word, Jesus says that we’ll produce an abundant crop for Him…30,60,100 times what we sowed. It will just happen like good seed in good soil.   How big a crop? Who knows?  Don’t worry about it.   Doesn’t really matter.   That’s God’s business.  I try not to get  discouraged since  only a few ever read this blog.   That’s okay.    I’m going to keep doing  what I feel God wants me to do…and the rest is in His hands.  Satan would love to derail us, to make us sing flat.    Maybe he’s taken the wind out of those sails that God wants you to go with.  Something for Him…for you to do.  Listen to Him.  Spend time with Him in the Bible.  Accept His Word…it’s totally reliable and trustworthy without any error from Genesis to Revelation.  Pretty good, huh? You know what?   I can see a crop growing in your life that will produce abundantly… for the Lord!  Agree?

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