WE NEED EACH OTHER Read Daniel 2 Again!

You say we just read Daniel chapter 2 last time.  True, but no harm done!  Read the same Bible chapter each day and you’ll always have new meaning from the Lord.  Isn’t that remarkable?  The Bible is like a living organism, growing and changing and breathing yet unchangeable in its truth.  So, I don’t apologize for asking you to read chapter 2 of Daniel once again!  What I’m keying in on is Daniel’s relationship with his friends.  He prays to the Lord for help.  Truly begs  for God’s mercy to save his own life, that of his friends and even for the other wise men and their families, people who don’t worship the true God.  Nevertheless,  He pleads for God’s help… for all of them.  But not a solo flier here, Daniel turns to those 3 friends of his to also join him in that concert of prayer.  And in that night, a night that should have been filled with fears and sleeplessness, God causes Daniel to have a deep sleep and reveals both the King’s dream and what it means.  ‘During the night the mystery was revealed to Daniel in a vision’ (Daniel 2:19).  Oh, the praises that go up to God, who has so miraculously answered their prayers!  So Daniel goes off to the King and tells him what he has seen in his sleep from the true God of heaven.  I love what Daniel says next.  It’s so generous of him.  Look at verse 36–‘This was the dream, and now WE will interpret it to the king.’  We?  Did they all have that dream?  No.  But in prayer, when we all come to God,  Daniel says the concert has many voices, many instruments.  No matter who had the dream, they were one in prayer.  That’s why I titled this ‘We Need Each Other’.  Of course there are times just spent alone with the Lord in that closet of prayer.  But now we see a concert of prayer where we need each other…in communication with our Lord. I was thinking of something very personal here.   It’s been 10 years now since my wife Sue and I flew to Florida to visit my mother who was obviously not doing well physically.  We found her actually doing much better that we thought.  When we returned home after our visit, I couldn’t shake the feeling that I just needed to share the Lord with my mother.  I felt that I had never clearly and unmistakably spoke to her of Jesus love  and the need to welcome Him into her heart.  I had no idea where she stood with Him.  No idea at all.  And that uncertainty and my own sense of failure in not  sharing the Lord I loved and served with my own mother was just too much for me.   So, a few weeks after getting home, we were on another plane back to Florida to spent quality and quantity time with her.  She listened and pursed her lips tightly.  I received that look of hers, that unmistakable look.    I had seen it many times before.  That ‘how dare you’ look.  The last words I said to my mother were ‘I love you’.  She had tears in her eyes, but nothing to say except ‘good bye’.  Three days later after flying home , I received that phone call from my sister that our mother had had a massive heart attack  that morning walking in the hallway of her nursing home, and was gone.  Did what we shared with her about the Lord and His love for her sink in?  I don’t know.  It bothered me.  I, like Daniel, had dreams but mine were nightmares.  Really bad ones.  When we were at Cannon Beach Christian Conference Center that summer for a week, we attended the morning prayer times.  I mentioned at the sharing time about my painful dreams.  That little group that  prayed , most not knowing me at all , but  all knowing our Lord, began a concert of prayer for me…for relief…for peace even without the answers…to let God handle what I couldn’t.  And you know what?    God heard their prayers,our prayers…never again have I had that same nightmare that plagued me so. Never.  Do you hear what I’m saying?  We can help each other…through prayer.  Be generous in prayer…for others and let others pray for you.  Prettier music has never been heard than in a concert  of prayer!

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