After being away for over 3 months, we come home to lots and lots of sorting mail, unpacking luggage, doing laundry,making appointments,food shopping,  seeing kids and grands– just plain feeling overwhelmed!  You can imagine, and probably know the feeling.  The price of time away. And the prices keep rising!   Yesterday we awoke to a leaky toilet downstairs resulting in a costly visit from our plumber.  Then we  received in the mail a double order of our cable TV kit requiring yet another visit to the cable store in town.  While trimming one of our hedges I discovered to my surprise and biting pain a hive of yellow jackets making me run for my life escaping with but one sting!  Not too bad at all.  But what of today?  Maybe I’ll just stay in bed all day.  Maybe draw all the blinds and drapes not answering the phone or the back door.  Withdraw from this cold, cruel world!  But then I read Psalm 69 in the Old Testament,  especially verses 13 and 14. Take a moment to read these verses also.   King David, who has had all kinds of difficulties and many of them of his own making, prays to his God as he says ‘in the time of your favor’.  Think about that phrase for a moment. Think about it today.   We who believe in Jesus Christ are ‘in the time of God’s favor’.  That word ‘favor’ in the original Hebrew is rawtsone.  It means delight and goodwill.  God’s desire is for us and to us.  We are His good pleasure.  He accepts us, a favorable reception by God to those who worship Him.  We are pleasing to God.  He approves of us.  He treats us favorably.  Like it says in Psalm 147:11–‘the Lord delights in those who fear Him, who put their hope in His unfailing love’.  Why does He favor us?  Because He loves us so much.  He’s just crazy about you and me!  Today…this very moment we are ‘in the time of God’s favor’.  That means that I’m in good hands right now.  And so are you if you trust in Jesus.  Good hands.  I can trust Him no matter what.  With those little things like leaky toilets and stinging bees and necessary or unnecessary busy-ness.  I’m in good hands.  And so are you.  Today keep saying to yourself, ‘I’m in good hands’.  When something unwelcome hits you, just remind yourself whose hands your in.  ‘I’m in good hands.’  Not with car or home insurance like the ads say, but with eternal life assurance!  As David says in Psalm 69–‘answer me with your sure salvation’.  Not a hoped-for, wish-fulfillment, maybe it will or maybe it won’t  salvation, but a sure one.  A certain salvation.  The Hebrew here for ‘salvation’ is yeshua which is the name of Jesus in the original language.  Jesus, who died on the cross for us, who offers us His sure forgiveness, who rose from the dead to reign on high with the Father and the Holy Spirit.  He is our sure salvation.  He is our favor and our hope.  He is God’s great love for us.  Remember today and every day, who has you in His strong and loving  hands.  I am in good hands!

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