Psalms 63 and 64 are just packed with wisdom for daily living.  So practical.  So plain and simple, really.  Cuts through all the so-called complexities of life.  I would venture to say that these psalms would be good spiritual medicine for all believers at any time, at any stage of life.  Are you ready for some good medicine without all those TV ads of medicines with  multiple, horrific and sometimes fatal side-effects, and you don’t even need that spoon full of sugar?   King David has written both psalms, so why not take a moment to read them right now.  Good,  aren’t they.  Did you see the medicine?  Psalm 63:3 says that ‘…your love is better than life’.  We think that life itself is the most precious thing of all.  But it isn’t.  God’s love surpasses even our life itself.  As the Southern Gospel song says, ‘They can kill the body, but they can’t kill the soul.’  When we believe in Jesus, receive Him into our hearts,  He gives us the antidote to death itself, that is life eternal–  the best medicine of all!  God’s love will outlast everything, even and especially our very lives.  And His love comes to us from His loving hands because Jesus gave His all for us as a gift, a promise, a commitment  that no matter what,  when we are His, He will be ours forever.  He loves us that much and has given us His word on it.  And He is as good as His word!  Don’t take my word for it…take His.  And when you do take Him at His Word, God opens up to us all the beauty of life in Him.  That can be found in Psalm 64.  Verse 1 offers us God’s caring ear to hear whatever is on our hearts.  A life of prayer and relationship with our God.  A lifeline of communication with God who loves us more than life itself.  Verse 2 tells how He hides us from the threats of life.  Think about all the times, even today, where God spared us, hid us, protected us.  Then verse 9 says that from deep within us we will  ‘proclaim the works of God’–we’ll thank Him for all He’s done and all He’s doing not just in our lives but in other’s as well.  And then David says we’ll do more than proclaim God’s works as we’ll ponder them, meditate on them, think hard and long on the things of God and just on God Himself. Stop focusing just on this life and all it’s messes.   Pondering not just His blessings. No, but who He is in Himself… in His character and being.  The final verse tells us that all this will result in great praise from God’s people.  From prayer…to protection….to proclamation…to ponder and then,  like the great finale of July 4th fireworks shows,  praise and praise and then even more praise to our Lord!  That’s the life for me!  And you too?

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