MORE ON BEING FULL! Read Psalm 57: 1-3

When my wife finished reading the last ‘Reflections Out of Time’ Posting she wondered about that connection of being full with being in the shadow of God’s wings? She’s right.  Where is the connection?  I did say that more would come with this posting.   Must admit that driving a good part of the day is tiring and then to write at the hotel we’re staying at is just not the best for me.  But here goes…nothing?  No way!  You remember that in Psalm 57  young David  was in a cave  hiding out from King Saul  pleading with God for protection and mercy.  That’s when David prays that he will take cover in just the shadow of God’s wings.  Just His shadow was enough for Him.  Just knowing the Lord’s promises were  good enough.  Not seeing directly, not having all the answers  but having a faith that sees and discerns  will get us through whatever in life.  Then he says in verse 2 that ‘I cry out to God Most High, to God, who fulfills His purpose for me.’  My translation (the NIV) has brackets around ‘His purpose’, which is the way the translators tell us that the words inside the brackets are not in the original Hebrew (in this case) but are words that the translators feel make the most sense of the original language.  Whenever I see those bracketed words,  I invariably just remove them and read the sentence without them to sense extra meaning.  Hear what David is saying then–‘I cry out to God…to God, who fulfills for me’.  David is saying from the inside of a cave, a place of the dark unknown , of uncertainty and anxiety and claustrophobia and utter terror; that even there he is filled with God, with the Lord’s being right there with him, in the shadows of His shadow.  When everything is gone, all taken away, even then we can feel full, filled with the Holy Spirit of God’s love and faithfulness. I’m not going to trust God only when He performs for me.  I don’t love God because of all the goodies I get from Him. No, and  I’m not hinging my faith on the uncertainties of life, but on His promises that will always be trustworthy.  Nothing else.  Nothing more or less.  No one or no thing.  Only Him. Only the Lord–for who needs more?  What or who could be more, after all?  His love and His faithfulness–‘…who fulfills for me’.  And twice David uses the words ‘faithfulness’ in this Psalm (verses 3 and 10)–another ‘full’  feeling but not from food certainly.  Full from His loyalty.  Full of faith in Him.  Not in me but in Jesus who will never let us down.  The old saying “Jesus Never Fails” that was upfront in the Torrey-Gray Auditorium at Moody Bible Institute  in Chicago when I was an undergraduate student  is still true…then and now and for the future and for all eternity.  Full in Him!  Just the Shadow of His Wings!  Who could ask for anything more?

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