SUCH A BIG DEAL! Read Psalm 50:14-15

Do you think that God just expects way too much of you?  All those commandments, all the giving, all the do-this  and do-that of the Christian life?  It’s discouraging realizing  just how many the expectations and how little our performance. Fall short all the time.  I do.  I don’t even come close.  I’m actually more discouraged when I consider how little of the Lord I seem to mirror in my daily life even after 50 years being a believer in Jesus Christ.   Know what I mean? Is anyone out there?!   I was reading Psalm 50 today and 2 verses just grabbed my heart.  Encouraging words…about a simple life of faith.  A life where measuring our progress is less important than just being real and transparent and honest with ourselves and God , just being in relationship with the Lord.  Verse 14 says to ‘sacrifice thank offerings to God…’ Saying thank you to God is not such a big deal, is it?   Being grateful to Him.  Being content with what we have and where we are with  the people He has given us to love;  the opportunities we have to serve Him sharing Him with those in need.  Thanks to God…Thanksgiving Day not just one  Thursday in November. Not anymore!  Like eating 3 meals a day or breathing all the time totally unaware of it even happening ,or our beating hearts that can keep working and pumping  without interruption for over 100 years.  So much to be thankful for…such a big deal?  I don’t think so, but you would think so if you could count up how many times I thank Him for this or that during my day.  Not good enough.  Could do better.  Will do better, Lord willing.   The next part of verse 14 says to ‘fulfill your vows to the  Most High…’ In other words, just do it!  Not just talk, but action.  Feel like thanking the Lord today? Of course you do.  Be specific. Be intentional.   And then just do it!  Throughout today…no matter what, sometimes in spite of the circumstances (as He says in verse 15–‘…call upon me in the day of trouble; I will deliver you, and you will honor me’).  Thanking God …such a big deal? No, such a great joy!  Thank you, Lord, for this opportunity to share reflections out of time with my friend around the world, our church family and our family…with YOU!

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