A TEAR-DOWN TOWN! Read Psalm 49

The town we’re staying in for 3 weeks is a lovely New Jersey shore town.  Ever since 1959 I’ve vacationed here always with such great anticipation and joy.  Lots of good Bible-teaching churches, a dry town which keeps the bar scene far away, but  very upscale making it hard for the average person to afford to live here.  I’m just glad to be able to rent a condo for a few weeks every couple years or so!  My wife and I have noticed over the past decade, even with the real estate crash that seems to have eluded this place,  that homes here are quite expendable, they come and go.  A nice house across the street and one down a few houses–both demolished and debris carted away each taking no  more that one work day to produce an empty lot ready now for a duplex or 4-plex to replace that nice, older single family home.  Now the rents can be doubled or quadrupled with property taxes flowing full-bore into the government coffers making way for even more vacationers in this sardine can of a barrier island in the summer weeks.  But those cute, Victorian summer cottages–going, going, almost gone.  With no end in sight.  Yesterday was just the worst.  We were driving by a ‘tear-down’ -in- progress and we could see into the living room being destroyed by heavy equipment and there on the old bookshelves were a line-up of books.  No one had even bothered to get them out beforehand when there was plenty of time.  Give them to the local library for their Friends book sale?  Or the local nursing home?  Or even the used-book store in town?  Or the schools or a neighbor?  No, just torn down, thrown out in our disposable society, junked and forgotten.  I don’t think we’ll ever forget those books on the torn-down shelves here at the shore of my home state.  Psalm 49 is a wonderful reminder of ‘…the fate of those who trust in themselves’, and ‘…those who trust in their wealth and boast in their great riches…'(Psalm 49: 13 and then 6).  The Psalmist calls them ‘sheep’; where ‘death will feed on them’;and  ‘he will take nothing with him when he dies’; ‘he will join the generation…of those who never see the light’;  and ‘a man…without understanding’.  And we peddle after riches?  All those TV shows about the ‘almighty dollar’?  Could we as a society be barking up the wrong tree?  Guess so…the answer? Feels like I’m being harsh here.  Pointing the finger maybe with a tinge of jealousy over what others can have but I can’t.  But I know that pointing the finger puts 3 more aiming right back at me.  And all of us being poor(and we’re not, we must admit)  and striving for that least common denominator in life?  No, of course not.  So, read verse 15…here it is:  God’s Word for us today and every day no matter where we live or how much money we may have or have not–‘But God will redeem my life from the grave; He will surely take me to Himself.”  Redeemed by God through faith in His only Son, Jesus Christ.  Trusting in the riches of His unlimited love and forgiveness and grace and mercy.  And then, one day, not too far off either as fast as life goes by, we’ll be with Him, just to see Him, just be close to God Almighty and with those others who love Him as we do..  Talk about being rich and those mansions over the hilltop!  Not a tear-down among them!  For the books over yonder, safe and secure,  will be open with our names clearly written-down in glory!  Won’t that be something?  Guess that’s why they call it heaven!

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