EVERYTHING IS… Read Psalm 47

We were watching the 1980’s movie ‘Popeye’ a few weeks ago, and one of our favorite songs from it is entitled ‘Everything Is Food, Food, Food’.  As a  matter of fact, we can’t stop singing it!  And we’re starting to bug each other!  Just kidding, maybe!  Reading Psalm 47 brings a different emphasis to my life than food, which would be a step in the right direction.  Time to think about something else, even though lunch is not far off!  And it’s pizza too!  See what I mean!  Back to the Psalms and everything is praise…praise…praise!   Five  times in verses 5 & 6 we’re told to praise Him, to sing praises to our God.  And then in church this morning so many of the hymns and songs centered in praise to the Lord, and even the pastor’s message was from Ephesians 1:14–‘…those who are God’s possession–to the praise of His glory’.  Let me challenge myself today–and I’d never leave you out–to praise the Lord all day long.  Now, don’t go shouting it out in the middle of a sleepless moment tonight or when someone says they can’t make it to dinner tonight.  Say it quietly, to yourself even, but focus on praising God. Everything is praise…praise…praise!   But you know what the problem is?  Maybe you can anticipate what I’m going to say next.  I get so distracted in my prayers.  I praise the Lord  for something and immediately my mind tracks off in several unrelated directions.  Like this…I thank the Lord for the beautiful day we’re having and then I start to wonder what the weather will be like tomorrow when we take a day trip or what it was like last fall on our River Cruise in Europe or how’s the weather back home admitting that if it’s nice home we’re not as happy as when it’s pouring their and we’re tanning here!  See what I mean?  Praising God for our family and start trudging down the most worrisome personal roads you could imagine.  And then praise just deteriorates into just begging God for something or other or planning something to help or to get out of something or whatever to get some relief.  See what I mean?   I started out by challenging myself to praise…praise…praise and look what happened.  Way off-track, multitasking and multiworrying when I should be praising the Lord like I really want to. So, let me challenge myself again  to get  back on track in praise to the Lord. May I include you too?   But if you fall off, dust yourself off, hike yourself up,  get right back on…and praise…praise…praise the Lord.  Don’t worry–God knows we’re made of clay.  Just keep at it…and keep at it again tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow! Sing praise to Him!

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