TIME TO TRUST Read Job 41:1-11

I feel sorry for Job.  He’s called ‘blameless and upright’ and ‘the greatest man among all the peoples of the East’ (Job 1:1,3).  And  yet God allows him to go through just the most horrible experiences none of us would ever want to endure, even one of them.  But  at the end of this amazing book in the Old Testament, after Job has had to ‘verbally fence’ with his wife, his 3 old friends and then that young whipper-snapper Eliphaz, then the Lord speaks up.  God speaks.  Everyone is quiet.  There is the sound of silence for once.  They clam up in the presence of the voice of God Almighty.  Who wouldn’t?  God speaks, it says, ‘out of the storm’ (Job 38:1). Maybe you feel like you’re in a ‘storm’ right now?    Now reading the first 11 verses of chapter 41 we hear a series of ‘can you’ and ‘will he’  putting it to Job, whittling his strength down to human size. Then in verse 11 God makes an amazing statement about Himself–‘Everything under heaven belongs to me’.  He owns it all.  Nothing that exists anywhere is other than God’s own possession.  Like it says in Psalm 24:1–‘The earth is the Lord’s, and everything in it, the world, and all who live in it.’  When times get real tough for us, when questions loom larger than good, satisfying answers,  that’s exactly when we need to be reminded of who God is.  He’s God–just that.  No limits, no phony-baloney anything, He’s the real deal.  Everything is His.  And when I accepted Jesus into my heart, I became His child just as He promised (John 1:12).  And that relationship will last for all eternity.  To infinity…and beyond!  And the Bible is so crystal clear that God truly loves us with an agape love known truly only to Him.  His love knows no bounds, forgives so freely and willingly, gives and gives and gives some more.   He gave His only Son for us(I wouldn’t do that), He died for us(I wouldn’t do that) and rose in power over the ultimate enemy, Satan and death and separation from God(I can’t do that).  All for us.  A divine love we can barely grasp with the fingers of our soul.  But true, nevertheless.  If we are His, and everything belongs to Him, can you see what comes next?  Are you with me?  We can now trust our God with every part of our lives, with every prayer that seems to go unanswered, with every uncertainty of health and wealth…we can throw all our trust on Him,  relaxing  in His arms moving forward with a confidence and a joy and a security that He wants to give us every moment of every day…until that day when we come home to Jesus, in heaven.    ‘Everything…belongs to me’–that’s you and me in every facet of our lives.

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