As mentioned last time, I love Barnabas.  He’s one of the heroes of the early church.  Could we have more of his type in our midst?  Could you or I be like Barnabas?  I’ve known some like him. But only a few at the very most.   Special people who give of themselves, unaware of the kudos they could have gotten for themselves, thinking about others, wondering what’s in your life and not ready to jump in with their own stories but bigger and better ones or worse and more painful ones. You know.  You’ve met them.  Hope I’m not looking in the mirror!  No, people like Barnabas, a server,  someone who could take second place without feeling second class,didn’t always have to win or come in first,  an encourager, a man of God who knows what worship is really like and not just on Sundays(or for him, Saturdays).  He’s been around a bit and knows what people are like, what makes them tick.  He’s from Cyprus, after all. ( Right now I’m praying , ‘Lord, make me like Barnabas’.  How about you?)  There’s more to him in these 2 short verses.  Luke writes in the book of Acts that  he ‘sold a field he owned’.  He had resources.  Wealthy?  Who knows.  But he did own this field. Not a debtor but an owner.   He had land.  Some earth he could put his hands into and look at and plan for and depend upon if his fortunes went south.  But with all the needs of this young church family, Barnabas must have felt compelled to sell this piece of land, to let go of it.  This good earth had value as it sold, someone was happy to buy it.  From him… to them..  No longer the security it may have been for him.  No longer one of the landed gentry.  Sold.  Gone.  Not rented or borrowed or lent or to be returned in the Jubilee.  He ‘sold a field he owned’. So, what does Barnabas do with this money?  Tithe it?  No, he ‘brought the money and put it at the Apostles’ feet.’  He brings the money,all of it,  a gift from Barnabas to the Apostles.  Hands wide open and leaning in their direction.  As if to say, ‘here, take it, please, in the name of our Lord Jesus Christ’.  And puts it at their feet.  No strings attached.  He lets them decide how best to use every shekel, every last dinarius.  No ‘Barnabas Christian Education Wing’ or the  John Fischer Chapel as I’d probably ask for or I want my money back!  No backsies for good old Barnabas.  Are you getting a clearer picture of this special follower of Jesus?  Wouldn’t you like to be more like him?  Ask the Lord.  I will too.  What a difference we’d make and nobody would ever have to know why.  The Holy Spirit…His fruit…more like Jesus every day! That’s reward enough.  Right?  And more about Barnabas next time! 

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