For 40 long years God has provided a miracle food for His hungry people.  Manna from heaven…and the people griped about the same menu day after day, week after week, month after month, yes, year after year.  Manna… forever.  Well, as it turns out,  not really. For as long as needed, though.  But they were hungry people, they needed His help every day.  Like you and me.  We pray and beg and then before we know it, even right after God answers our prayers, we gripe and complain, worry and bicker.  Bad timing, indeed!  Bad form,also.    Read this Joshua passage in the Old Testament– for it is amazing.  Just a few verses,  but packed with meaning.  God provided that food for forty years and now after Passover is celebrated, after they remember how God miraculously delivered them from slavery to freedom,  now they can eat all  the fresh produce of the promised land.  The variety of fruits and vegetables and cheese and meat…now, this IS the promised land, after all!  As  I read this I thought that there are some times when God seems to be carrying me, when I can’t get one foot in front of the other.  Like when our babies and grandkids needed spoon-feeding and all our help, so I need the Lord.  Leaning on His shoulders, immobilized by fear or whatever has flattened me.  Am I the only one?  Just me, just me, O Lord…!  And then there are the times when He says to go out and work hard, cultivate the fields of my life, struggle through it, deal with it, hang in there, grow up and harvest all He has for me.  Manna one day…the ‘produce of Canaan’ the next!  All from His hands, all tender and loving, and sometimes tough loving as well.  Are you with me?  More importantly, He’s with us.  Always…in all ways.

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