We are experiencing not just that scent of water (from Job 14:9) but a down-pour with wind and possibly thunder and lightning later in the day.  No, we’re not in the Pacific Northwest where  rain and wind are  quite normal for a good part of the year (and about May ‘good’ no longer seems to be an appropriate word to use!) but on Seabrook Island, South Carolina.  This  is beautiful low-country, lots of water everywhere.  No drought this year.  The wetlands are full.  Abundance of water that was not the experience of where either Job or Jesus lived.  There it was desert.  Parched, hot much of the year, brown and thirsty with plants, trees and people appreciative of even a ‘scent of water’.  When my wife and I were in Jordan 2 years ago, we traveled by foot from where the bus parked  into the fabulous ancient city of Petra.  It was 120 degrees that day. That’s right, you read it!  We carried a lot of water with us, or so we thought.  Petra is not just what you see in the pictures of what is called the ‘Treasury’ building.  That structure is a couple miles in from the parking lot and at the beginning of miles and miles of ancient ruins that just are dazzling in beauty, and puzzlement  at how anyone could ever do what they did with the tools available thousands of years ago now.   Almost too amazing to put into words.  The good thing was that we were there for about 5 hours giving us  lots of time to roam about and explore on our own after we ditched our slow-poke travel guide!    The bad thing was that there was lots of time to almost die of an unbelievable heat and thirst.  Our ‘lot of water’ was grossly inadequate. Even  as much as we drank it never quenched , and it was just horribly hot in the mouth as well.   Finally, getting back to a local hotel for lunch I never drank so much ice-cold water in my life.  Seemed like gallons and gallons. Couldn’t stop drinking that water, which tasted so good.   And, then,  when we got back to our stateroom on our cruise ship, we ordered ice that came in a 5 gallon tub!  You can see why even a ‘scent of water’ would mean so much.  And, for this woman at the well, to hear of ‘living water’ from the only One who could provide it…water for life and eternity.  What a blessing.  What a gift.  What a Savior we have in Jesus Christ.  This week, in preparation for Easter Sunday, let’s think of the refreshment God gives us so abundantly in His Only Son, Jesus the Christ, who suffered and died on the cross just for you and me and all who seek Him to know Him.  He gives us much more than a scent…He gives and gives and gives until our garden is well-watered indeed!

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