I remember as a young teenager a very popular song by a group called the Monotones entitled ‘Who Wrote the Book of Love?”  Catchy song you can still see them perform from way back when on YouTube, if you like.  Reading in Acts chapter 3 and verse 15 the Apostle Peter calls Jesus ‘the author of life’.  Even before writing the book about love, Jesus authored the first chapter on life itself.  He wrote the book of life in all its wonder and beauty and majesty and wildness and awesomeness.  He didn’t just read the book, He wrote it.  He didn’t just do the research, He created it all.  Since He wrote the book of life, our lives should center in Him, in what interests Him, in what gives joy to Him.  After all, He wrote the book of life.  Now, what about Job you ask…well, read chapter 11: 13-19 and hear the advice of one of Job’s dear(!) friends. Job who is faced with life falling apart…Job who wishes his life had never happened…Job,whose fabled patience has frazzled and shred…Job who is seeking answers only to find more questions…Job’s friend named Zophar tells him 18 times that ‘you’ and ‘your’  need to shape up.  Shape up…or your life will ship out, Job.  When life goes south on you, when troubles are your next door neighbor, it is so easy to look to and at ourselves, either in blame or in shame for all the messes we’re in.  ‘You…you…you’.  Shouldn’t it rather be to the author of like we turn?  Shouldn’t it be Hosanna, save us, to the One Savior of All?  Should our gaze be in the mirror of life, reflecting ourselves to ourselves?  Not much help there. Look to the author Himself, Jesus, God’s Only Son?  He wrote the book of…LIFE!

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