IN THE CLOUD! Read Acts Chapter 1

Doing this blog almost daily reminds me how much my wife Sue knows about the internet.  Her…not me!  Remember, I was the one who said any more problems with our laptop and into the creek it goes! It heard me and is behaving for the moment!   Boggles my imagination, such as it is, how this machine works.  I just don’t get it.  And don’t you wonder what’s next? The next new and improved whatever?    Obviously, change never stops, nor does it  give me time to catch up to last decades’ newest technology.  Just when I learn this, it will be totally obsolete.  Do I hear an ‘amen’ out there?!  Are you with me?  Well now ,all the tech talk today  is about ‘the cloud’.  That sounds about right to me–I’m certainly in a cloud about whatever that’s all about.  The cloud…I think where information is stored.  Where?  How?  What?  When?  Oy vay, already!  Sure seems cloudy to me. Let’s get to the Bible.  OK?  I was reading Acts chapter 1 noting that after Jesus’ resurrection and following  all those convincing appearances to His followers that it says in verse 9 that ‘…He was taken up before their very eyes, and a cloud hid Him from their sight.’   A cloud.  Here Jesus has been with them in person, face-to-face, but now He’s in a new realm which in this life we are not able to see through.  There are clouds separating us from Him.  Thick clouds like the ones God used in the desert to shade His people from that blazing sun in the desert.  A gift from God to us.  For with clouds separating us we can now exercise faith, we can immerse ourselves in His Word the Bible, we can trust Him, we can allow the Holy Spirit to encourage us and even to discipline us to make us more like His Son Jesus Christ.  So, don’t bemoan the clouds, followers of Jesus.  Yes, He’s no longer here on earth, but what He’s given us to expand our faith, and see through that ‘dark glass’ of life, is more than sufficient  to manage the cloudy days until we too will be in the brightness of heaven with Him and all who believers who are waiting for us. And there we won’t even need the sun.   Cloudy days?  Trust Him…read His Word…think what His Word says…believe Jesus…do you see the Son peeking through?

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