EVIDENCE OF GOD’S GRACE Read Matthew 20:20-28

This is a great story…of a pushy Mother and her willing sons who want the best seats in the house, who want recognition beyond their merits, who want to beat out their disciple competition!  The Sons of Zebedee and their nameless Mother.  James and John, also called the Sons of Thunder, who want to sit next to Jesus, one on the right and the other on the left, in His coming Kingdom.  Well, who wouldn’t?  And their mother kneels  and fauns before Jesus asking a favor of Him.  She probably knows that Jesus cares about mothers, for His was probably a widow at this time and always had His eye on her needs.  So, the mother of James and John  comes to Jesus asking for special consideration, special favors for her sons. Pressuring Jesus, hoping he will grant her wishes.  But He utters a bit of tough love and tough luck saying that that business of who sits where and next to whom is not His to grant.  And anyway, you pushy people, it’s not about being great or first in line or having your name up in lights or your name mentioned with that  generous gift you just gave with strings all over it.  No, Jesus says it’s about serving, giving without strings, no recognition, giving your life for others…that’s what His Kingdom will look like.  Get it?  Do I get it?  Well, sometimes on a good day.  Did they get it?  James and John certainly did…they served their Lord faithfully and humbly with or without a pat on the back.   But what about their mother?  Did she get it? What Jesus meant.  Yes, I think she did.  Very little is written about her in the Bible but later in Matthew she appears again.  Turn to Matthew 27:55 and 56–yes, the male disciples had all fled but there were many women who stayed by Jesus while He suffered and died on the Cross.  They were there with Him, watching from a distance.  Just being there with Him…these women who  cared for His needs. And some are evev identified: Mary Magdalene, Mary the mother of James and Joses, and wait–who?  Am I reading correctly??  Yes, the mother of Zebedee’s sons. At this most unpopular time, when danger was very high, there she was.  She’s not asking for favors for herself or her sons or anyone else.Her names is not even given.  But  she’s there at the Cross…for Him…caring for His needs…standing with others…alongside the other women…one of many serving Jesus.  She got it!  Caring about God’s needs…do you get it?  Think about Him and His needs… Get it?

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