Only one verse today?  Well…read more if you like, but I just love this one verse from the second chapter of Moses’ book of Deuteronomy.  This is in the midst of Moses’ first sermon in this wonderful book, the section dealing with all that God has done for His people Israel.  To find out about the struggles and journey of Israel out of Egypt, you need to go back and read at least the book of Exodus. Now I’ve given you more of an assignment!  And you know how angry and upset and difficult God’s people were when they needed to trust Him and believe that He would be there for them and provide for their needs when it seemed all so impossible and futile.  And poor Pastor Moses heard all about it and even lost it himself.  They were a tough bunch.  Always harking back to ‘the good old days’ not of their memory but of their imagination!  They remembered all that food they enjoyed ‘for free’ . Free?  They were slaves needing to be fed so they could work and work and work with no freedom at all. None whatsoever.   In the desert they griped, they complained, they even plotted to murder Moses and his brother Aaron.  Then when given promises by the Lord of their own land, they sent in spies only to believe the majority report that they’re  giants and we’re not!  Just forget it…maybe we can head back to Egypt.  At least we knew what we had there.  Didn’t need faith.  We had Pharaoh and those gods of everywhere and every thing.   So, God says that it’s time to cool their heels in the desert of Israel.  Forty long years.  Lots of time to mull things over…and over. 

Good thing that’s a history of ancient peoples. Right?  Or is it?  Sounds like me at times in my life.  Sounds familiar, sad-to-say.  Any body else out there?  Or am I the only one!   Fear more than faith.  Silent when should have spoken up and out.  On and on…I’ve been in my own desert where the Lord has given me ‘time out’ to think things over.  To let Him work in my life in a new way.  Felt like punishment but was more of His mercy and grace and discipline.  If you are a believer in Jesus Christ, you know how much He loves you.  He loves us just as we are but loves us so much not to leave us that way.  That’s where the desert comes in.  And that’s where this verse, Deuteronomy 2:7 comes in.  I love it.  Hear the Word of God–‘The Lord your God has blessed you in all the work of your hands.  He has watched over your journey through the vast desert.  These forty years the Lord your God has been with you, and you have not lacked anything.’  They should have had nothing but punishment if I were the Lord.  Let them have it.  They deserve nothing from me.  Thank God I’m not God!  He stayed with His rebellious people the whole time.  Giving them clouds by day to shade them from the desert heat, and fire by night to give them light, protection and some warmth.  Their sandals never wore out (mine just did after 3 months wear!), there was food everyday and twice as much for Sabbath use. Just as He said– they ‘have not lacked anything’.  During the next 24 hours (and beyond?) thank God for ALL He has done for you; even  and especially during those tough times in life.  After all, when you’re in Jesus, you’re in.  And in to stay. Not lacking anything!  Amen to that.  Right? 


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